ASO in the Barossa

Community and regional concerts are at the heart of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and audiences in the Barossa will get the chance to experience ‘ASO in the Barossa’ with the power of the orchestra live on stage at the Barossa Arts Centre on Saturday 12 August in partnership with Regional Touring Partner Elders. Audiences down south won’t be disappointed either with FREE community concerts across the metropolitan south from 10 – 11 August 2023

Celebrate with the ASO and Conductor Luke Dollman as they bring some of the greatest symphonic works to match the Barossa’s big red reputation. From the Barossa to Rome, turbulence and tragedy abound in Beethoven’s Coriolan Overture whilst Jessie Montgomery’s Strum is an ecstatic celebration that draws on American folk and the spirit of dance and movement. Not to be outdone is Schubert’s Symphony No 3 characterised by its bright and lively tone, with a sense of playfulness and joy. .

ASO Principal Trumpet David Khafagi is excited to play Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto:

It’s endless joy, probably the quintessential piece for solo trumpet. Every serious student of trumpet studies it, and it appears on every professional trumpet audition as the benchmark of solo repertoire. The concerto has been recorded by every famous trumpet soloist, and to have the opportunity to perform it with the ASO is an absolute privilege and will be a highlight in my career. I first started learning this concerto when I was about twelve years old and have been trying to perfect it ever since. It’s one of those pieces that, even when all the notes are right, presents new challenges in phrasing and musicality. It has been performed and recorded so many times that the challenge for me (apart from playing the right notes) will be to imbue it with my own personality.

I love travelling to perform in regional areas – as well as the fun of being on tour, we have the opportunity to share music with people who probably don’t get to hear live orchestras that often. It’s so wonderful to be able to move and inspire people, and so often the feedback from regional communities is that they cherish hearing the ASO live and are grateful for the effort that the orchestra has made to visit their area. It reminds me that music is a gift to be shared with everyone, and not to be taken for granted.

The ASO and Regional Touring Partner Elders are committed to ensuring more South Australians have access to and engagement with the arts by showing a dedicated commitment to concerts across South Australia.

ASO believes all South Australians regardless of their geographic location should have the opportunity to be inspired by orchestral music. We realise the value of bringing our unique brand of live music-making to regional areas and the impact of experiencing live music has on people feeling connected to their community.


The ASO’s FREE Community Centre Concerts provide a sanctuary and remove many common barriers facing people that prevent them from attending mainstage performances, including social isolation, financial stress and mobility issues. Music is a powerful antidote that has the ability to reduce depression and anxiety, as well as to improve mood, self-esteem and quality of life.

ASO Manager of Learning and Community Programs Rachel Hicks:

There is little that compares to the sheer sound, experience and power of hearing live orchestral music up close. Our regional touring and community concerts provide opportunities for communities across SA to experience this for themselves, often in unique Australian settings. It’s exciting to create these regional connections and to bring the magic of the ASO to people of all ages, in their hometowns. The purpose of our regional and community touring is not only to entertain but to educate and inspire.

ASO Associate Principal Trumpet Martin Phillipson:

People in the country and smaller communities value the connection that music brings because it’s a great way to come together and socialise and connect as human beings. I think it’s such a rare thing for them to see a symphony orchestra live, not only do they get a great buzz out of it but we also get a great buzz out of discovering these unique places.

Since 1839, Elders have been an integral part of Australia’s rural business landscape. The sponsorship is part of Elders ongoing commitment to support sustainable cultural development in regional and remote communities in Australia. Elders are committed to giving back to the community.

Mark Allison, Elders CEO Explains:

At Elders, our key priority is the safety and well-being of our people and the communities in which we operate. With our staff and clients located across all areas of Australia, we understand the importance of regional communities having access to cultural experiences as a way to connect and communicate with people of all ages and cultures; having a positive impact on well-being We believe it should be part of everyday life. Orchestras are at the heart of each city’s cultural scene and we believe that by partnering with the ASO and ensuring regional communities have orchestral experiences it will make a positive, long-term and enduring impact with clear community benefits.

To celebrate what it means to perform regionally the ASO commissioned filmmaker Randy Larcombe to make a short film during the orchestra’s regional tour to the Southeast earlier this year.

Watch the film to see the impact on the orchestra and the community.


Be swept away by the sweet sounds of the ASO as we bring our free community concerts to your neighbourhood! With the charismatic conductor and presenter Martin Butler leading the way, you’ll be treated to a concert of light-hearted tunes that are guaranteed to leave you tapping your toes and humming along.

Join us for a delightful day out with friends and family as an ensemble of 14 talented string players fill the air with beautiful symphonic melodies, right in the comfort of your own community. Martin’s entertaining style incorporates visual elements to engage people of varying backgrounds and music knowledge.

Conductor and presenter Martin:

In our program aptly titled Song and Dance, members of the ASO string section are able to display the versatility and adaptability of the string orchestra. We will start and finish with music based on folk songs. The music of Piazzolla and Khachaturian relates to dance music. If you are familiar with the ABC Classics Swoon series then I’m sure that you will agree that Karl Jenkins’ Benedictus will be the piece for you! Come along and enjoy, as well as be informed through a visual presentation, an hour of beautiful music making.

Season Details

Venue: Barossa Arts Centre
Date: 12 Aug 2023

Venue: Strathalbyn Chapel Theatre
Date: 10 Aug 2023

Venue: Goolwa Centenary Hall| Milang Institute
Date: 11 Aug 2023
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