Adelaide Repertory Theatre presents Moonlight and Magnolias

Cast: Adam Schultz as David O Selznick  Scott Batters by as “Victor Fleming Terry Crowe as “Ben Hecht and Rebecca Gardiner as “Miss Poppenguhl”

In June at the Arts Theatre find out how the film “Gone with the Wind” was saved from being gone with the wind!

Hollywood, February 1939: Acclaimed movie producer David O. Selznick has a problem: his massively hyped production of “Gone With The Wind” is bleeding big money, the script is unfilmable, he has fired the director and the production has been shut down. Disaster looms! He needs a new script and a new director now!

With renowned screenwriter Ben Hecht (who hasn’t read the book) and celebrated director Victor Fleming (already up to his eyeballs in directing “The Wizard of Oz”), and a diet of bananas and peanuts, he locks the group in his office for five days to create a screenplay that will save the film. Filming the burning of Atlanta is easier than this!

Director Harry Dewar:

It’s a blend of lively nonsense and a tribute to the golden years of Hollywood moving making, with over-sized egos and larger than life personalities.

Based loosely on the real difficulties that the film faced in 1939, it’s an insight into what might have happened to get one of the greatest movies ever made up onto the screen.

Frankly my dears, you must see this play!!

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