Jenny Wynter in Viking Mama!

Jenny Wynter in Viking Mama. Photo supplied.
Jenny Wynter in Viking Mama. Photo supplied.

Jenny is a Viking mama of three. She keeps a blog about the everyday battles she faces as a parent: from mustering the fortitude to get out of bed, to shopping with children who constantly want things, to dealing with passive-aggressive neighbours who seem to have everything under control.

When Jenny forgets to book a venue for her three year-old’s birthday and is suddenly faced with the challenge of throwing a last minute party at home, what unfurls is enough to curdle the blood of the most bellicose Viking.

While we may not often admit it, parenting can be a hard and lonely experience. This rock opera cum cabaret explores its timeless pitfalls and joys through Jenny’s musical blog.

Viking Mama! is also an amusing blend of historic and modern- this is a world where hair is straightened with hot stones, teenagers carve selfies and children watch the band Vi-Five.

The set design is simple- a pianist (the accomplished Peta Wilson) in one corner, the three Valkyries (a Greek chorus, played by acapella group Betty and the Betties) on the other, and a large screen for the multimedia component of the blog (simple images to give an idea of setting).

Jenny Wynter (writer and performer) is engaging and has an excellent sense of comic timing and a strong voice. The script is fun with plenty of excellent Viking related jokes peppered throughout. The songs are rewrites of old favourites with silly, fun lyrics (e.g. ‘Drunken sailor’ is now ‘Shopping in a longboat’).

Beneath the levity, however, are some deep truths about marriage, the trials of parenthood and the pressure we feel to do everything perfectly. Viking Mama! provides a rare belly-laugh and is definitely a show you never knew you’ve always wanted to see.

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