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Emma Jackson and Greta Scacchi in Nothing PersonalThere are some career and money driven people in society that will strive to succeed. They will overlook a relationship, the death of a loved one, or stab a colleague in the back to ensure they get to the pinnacle that they desire.

To watch a play about such a person is intriguing, as there are times in life where you meet such individuals and either you are attracted or repulsed by them… I tend to have latter reaction, and it is with a little bit of cynicism and enjoyment that I saw such a person fail in Nothing Personal.

Bea (Greta Scacchi) is running a publishing house that has had quite a few successes but is struggling to find some new younger talented writers to publish. Assistant Roxanne (Julie Hudspeth) is very much the doting colleague who agrees with all the decisions of her influential boss Bea. Now add to the mix the oft ignored, much younger, market savvy ‘go getter’ publishing editor Naomi (Emma Jackson) who is willing to do anything to get ahead including schmoozing the Chairman of the Board Kelvin (Andrew McFarlane), as she screams and shouts to have her ideas about younger writers noticed.
Mark Kilmurry has directed a tried and tested formula that is the sure-fire success at the Ensemble Theatre. Throw together very strong actors, a script riddled with conflict and dilemmas, and watch it unravel in front of you on stage.
The Ensemble Theatre knows how to produce some very entertaining and engaging performances, and David Williamson knows how to write an entertaining script for the stage. Serendipitously, The Ensemble is the perfect theatre to view such work. The story of Nothing Personal is interesting for those who have encountered go-getters who will succeed at whatever cost, those with a curiosity about the publishing industry, or those who are looking for an entertaining night at the theatre.
Greta Scacchi is a damn fine theatre actress and it is so exciting to see her perform on stage. As Bea she is strong, determined and at times a little arrogant. Andrew McFarlane as sleazy Chairman of the Board is fantastic. He plays the sex driven Kelvin beautifully and it is enjoyable to watch him strut around the stage like a peacock. A pleasant surprise was Jeanie Drynan as Carla whoplays the mother figure so perfectly.
We all know you go to the Ensemble Theatre to be entertained, and yet again they have produced piece of theatre that ticks all the boxes. Despite the occasional display of opening night nerves, if you like a well directed, written and performed piece of theatre, do see Nothing Personal.

Nothing Personal is currently playing at the Ensemble Theatre until the end of January 2012.

Matthew D'Silva

Matthew has over fourteen years of experience in Sydney’s Theatre industry working alongside numerous prominent theatre companies. He has written articles and reviews for SameSame, Arts Hub, Stage Whispers and of course AussieTheatre. He is currently in the final stages of his degree in creative writing and thinks he might be addicted to live performance!

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