MICF: Bridget Everett – Pound It


Pass me a bottle of chardonnay, I’m still recovering from the front row of Bridget Everett’s Pound It.

Bridget Everett at MICF
Bridget Everett at MICF

I’d been urged to see this show by friends who knew Bridget from her alt-cabaret work in New York. And I briefly interacted with her on Twitter when I questioned her choice of beverage during Snowmageddon 2015. But no one warned me. No one gave a hint of how wild this show is and what I was in for.

With a song called ‘Titties’ and a spray of Chardonnay, the show was off and running. And the madness didn’t stop for an hour. Bridget has a foul mouth and a beautiful voice; you may be shocked by the things she sings about, but her voice is exquisite.

I caught her microphone and then I caught her as she jumped from the stage, but I didn’t get it as badly as two parents who came with their adult daughter. Bridget’s right to wonder how Christmas dinner will be at that family’s place this year.

Go see this show, but maybe don’t bring your parents. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



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