MICF: Hunter Smith – My Winter of Discontent


Hunter Smith went without sex for six months last year. This was his Winter of Discontent.

Hunter Smith at MICF
Hunter Smith at MICF

His choice to go without sex was altruistic; he was helping a lesbian couple get pregnant. But even in this selfless act, Hunter finds a way to make it all about him. It starts with his lazy sperm, that made it out of the turkey baster but not much further.

Hunter jumps around to other moments in his life where he became the centre of attention – even when an old woman dies at the flower and garden show on his birthday. He didn’t even hold back with jokes about his mother, even though she was in the audience!

This rapid-fire show about an attention seeker who might get upstaged by a child (“what if he’s a heterosexual?”) is very funny.

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