MICF: Celia Pacquola – The Looking Glass

Celia Pacquola is a true gem of the Australian comedy scene and her new show allows her radiant charm to shine through.

Celia Pacquola
Celia Pacquola

Focusing on the joys of being a single, 33-year-old woman, Pacquola covers a number of topics one would expect to hear from such a set, including internet dating, cat cafes, periods and the awkwardness of going on a date. However, her refreshingly honest mode of storytelling, combined with her mega smile means that the audience are never bored (and I’m sure many women in the audience would find it very easy to relate to her!).

Reminding us that being single is not the worst thing in the world, Pacquola is a fast-talking and hilarious performer who will have you leaving with a big grin on your face.


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