Interfused Impresses in Brisbane

Interfused - Queensland Ballet
Interfused – Queensland Ballet

Interfused played Thursday night at the Queensland National Ballet Companies’ Bowen Hills residence to a mighty crowd of appreciative fans.  The work, created by Martyn Fleming and his company, show cased one of Australia’s top leading talents, Talia Flower and some very fine up and coming ballet and contemporary performers.

The story told a modern tale of desire and constraint through the scenario of an everyday work life set in an office. It examined, through movements stolen in time, the question “How close are we REALLY without a wall between us?”

Four main character’s journeys and their relationships to the job and their co-workers become interfused with a variation of slow flowing modern choreography and sharp, acrobatic leaps and turns.

The fast thrashing number in Act 2, where the company joined in with the main characters proved to be the shows highlight.  The athletic and vigorous routines wowed the crowd as they leapt to and fro and landed, most commonly, on their knees.

Apart from Flowers, the other standouts in Interfused were Martin Collyer and Pryce Brown. They had completely different yet complementary styles.

Collyer was smooth, fluid and very expressive whereas Brown proved to be strong and versatile, having many acrobatic tricks included in his dancing language.

Flowers is a powerhouse on stage, as we saw in So You Think You Can Dance, and her presence was especially compelling as she so skillfully expressed herself with 110% commitment.

I certainly was inspired to look at how my interactions in the work place and relationships all blended and became interfused. A great piece of contemporary work for Brisbane to house.

Rebecca Grennan

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Rebecca Grennan

2 thoughts on “Interfused Impresses in Brisbane

  • Fowler was great but as a whole it wasn’t anywhere near as good as the original. No passion and males were definitely not as strong…ie less lifting.
    Also the “office” seemed to turn into a strip club with Brown a main offender.
    It just didn’t make sense this time around.
    I think the dances were designed around the original cast and not the current one where Myles-Whittington is the only survivor.


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