Helpmann Award Nominee Lucy Durack on theatre, life and setting goals

The 2013 Helpmann Awards are taking place at the Sydney Opera House from 7pm this evening and we caught up with nominee Lucy Durack to chat about her best actress in a musical nomination (for her performance in Legally Blonde) and the big year that has been!

Lucy Durack
Lucy Durack

Where were you when you were told of your nomination and what was your reaction to the news?

I was very excited – when I looked at the other girls in my category, they are all friends of mine and people I am so thrilled to be put in a category with them! Esther Hannaford and I started out in our first show together, Mamma Mia, and when I saw her in King Kong I had tears in my eyes, I was so proud of her. She is so incredible. Chloe Dallimore I saw as Morticia in Addams Family and she, as she is in everything she does, was fantastic. And Silvie Paladino! Well, Silvie is the greatest female voice in the country, so to be in this category I feel very honoured!

This is the second time you have been nominated for the award, (previously being nominated in 2009 for you role as Glinda in Wicked) . How is this time different for you?

It’s similar in that I have friends around me in the category – last time I was nominated, Amanda (Harrison) and I were nominated together and it was really nice to share that excitement of being nominated with somebody. I saw Esther and Chloe during the week and they are such beautiful women and it’s lovely to be able to share in that together.

What will you be doing the day of the Helpmanns to prepare for the event?

I am borrowing a dress from Collette Dinnigan, and although I will probably do my own hair and makeup I am going brunette for a film and I will be brunette at the Awards. I haven’t been a brunette for many years so I don’t know if I will have to look at different colours for my makeup – it might take me some extra time!

It’s been a big year for you: the release of your self titled album filming the Australian movie Goddess, touring as Elle in Legally Blonde, your recent engagement to long time partner Chris Horsey, singing with Kristin Chenoweth at the Sydney Opera House. Now a Helpmann Award Nomination and the announcement that you will return to the role of Glinda when Wicked returns to tour Australia in 2014… Has 2013 been the biggest year for you to date?

Without a doubt! This year has kind of exploded and I am very, very grateful. I have to keep remembering to take a moment to breathe because it’s all happened very fast. Well, it’s one of those things that ‘happened really fast’, over the last ten years! But it has been a really incredible year – I’m really lucky I think, having the representation I do. They’ve managed to work it out so that I haven’t had to say ‘no’ to many things and even though it’s been a big year, they’ve helped me to fit everything in nicely together.

It has to be asked: Which is your favourite – Glinda or Elle?

I loved playing Glinda and I am so looking forward to playing Glinda again next year. She was always my ultimate role. But then playing Elle… there was something so light and uplifting about playing such a positive, good, kind character who didn’t judge people. I learned a lot playing Elle Woods and I really, really enjoyed that role. So, even through appear to be quite similar, they are intrinsically quite different characters and there’s a lot to be said for both of them

 Apart from family, what are the other things you miss about Perth?

I miss the Perth summers – I love it when everyone is boiling hot and complaining but still loving it at the same time! I miss the Perth beaches – that expanse of ocean! Where Sydney has this incredible harbour, Perth has those beautiful big long beaches and I really miss them. It is definitely my family that I miss most though. I miss being close, I miss the Friday night drinks my family have every week, the birthdays, the celebrations, the cousins

As one of Australia’s leading ladies of theatre, what do you hope to pass on to others?

I think I would say stay as positive as you possibly can in yourself. Keep trying to be the best version of yourself that you can be. I think goals work really well, for me anyway, having something to work towards. And even if you don’t get them, you will accomplish so many amazing things along the way. And each day, even though you are working towards the goal don’t lose sight of all the nice things that are happening in your day to day life.

You’ve already said that Glinda was an ‘ultimate’ role for you. Are there any other roles or projects that you have on your bucket list? 

I’m working on a television series with two of my very good friends and the three of us have been writing this series now for about a year. If we could get that put on, I would be so, so happy! I really like to keep the variety going – I am doing a film for the next six weeks – a comedy, which I’m really looking forward to. Then I’m doing a straight play at the end of the year, and this will be my first straight play since graduating from WAAPA and I’d love to do another album at some point. My main goal though would be to get this television show on a network and film a season!

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