Sharmony Productions debut production The Business of Murder opens tonight

Sharon White and Sandra Harman - Sharmony Productions
Sharon White and Sandra Harman – Sharmony Productions

Sharmony Productions is about to hit the Brisbane theatre scene, with its first order of business being murder!

Sharmony Productions was created by two longstanding Brisbane based actresses, Sharon White and Sandra Harman, in order to produce quality theatre productions, with the focal point being small cast productions that are able to showcase the talents of more seasoned performers. Sharmony also hopes to provide a platform for young, new and up and coming performers.

When asked how the idea of the production company came about the women replied;

“We are both more mature older actresses, and we found that there were not a lot of substantial strong female roles in a professional sense for older women to play. So we wanted to create a company that was able to provide older women with strong professional roles, as well as providing new talent a chance to participate in productions at a professional level. We also loved the fact that it is our company and that we can control what we do and when we do it.”

Sharon White began her acting career in Hong Kong at the age of ten playing Gloria in Wait until Dark. Since then she has worked extensively as an Actor and Director in both England and Australia. She helmed her own theatre company Footlights with which she won many awards as Director and Actor on the festival circuit in South-East Queensland and Coffs Harbour.

Sandra Harman started her career in Redcliffe and has since worked as an Actor and Director for many companies in and around Brisbane. She was a Producer and Actor for The Edge Theatre Company with Ron Kelly, and has worked extensively with Theatre in Education at childcare centres and primary schools, and has toured the Uk, Australia and the Netherlands as Sybil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers, The Dining Experience.

The Business of Murder
The Business of Murder

Sharmony Production’s first play The Business of Murder, written by the master of genre, Richard Harris, is a psychological thriller that focuses on the intertwining relationships of three characters – Dee Redmond (the successful TV playwright), Detective Superintedendant Hallet, and the ever-mysterious Mr. Stone, in a deadly game of cat and mouse which will keep you guessing till the very end.

When asking why White and Harmon chose this play to produce the women replied;

“We wanted to start with a nice tight ensemble piece that showcases the strong talent of all participants involved and that allowed older males and females to be able to participate at a professional level.”

Detective Hallet will be played by Rob Harvey, Dee will be played by Sharon White’s daughter Phillipa White and Mr. Stone will be played Paul Careless.

White and Harman expressed a great pride in their new company and debut production;

“We are very excited and thrilled about putting on this production. The cast get along great and work so well together in developing the inter-relationships of these characters.”

One of their relatives even stated “I’m going to see this again, and I never see anything twice.”

The Business of Murder opens on the 3rd of June and runs until the 13th of June at the Studio & Theatre Cafe, Brisbane.

For more details, see the website: Studio Theatre & Cafe

Bobbi-Lea Dionysius

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Bobbi-Lea Dionysius

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