Agro is out of the Bag, turning 30 and touring Queensland!

Get out your Tazos, Dolly magazine and Samboy chips because ‘90s nostalgia is back in a big way with the announcement of Agro Up Late with Jamie Dunn.

Agro is out of the bag, turning the big 3-0 and celebrating with a live show, kicking off at Brisbane Comedy Festival from 17 to 22 March 2020 at Brisbane Powerhouse, before embarking on a statewide tour.

Jamie Dunn and Agro – along with Big Brother Australia’s Ben Zabel as the new Jill / Anne-Marie – will take audiences on an ‘adults only’ journey back in time in Agro Up Late with Jamie Dunn.

The show is part-Q&A, part-Cartoon Connection and will give audiences a chance to come face-to-face with an icon and re-live the magic of growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s in Australia.

Agro sprang back into Aussie pop culture in recent years after the video ‘Agro Outtakes’ went viral, showing the naughty side of the puppet. The video has since attracted over 4 million views online.

Winning more Logies than any other Aussie celebrity with Agro, Jamie Dunn credits one defining feature with the puppet’s enduring popularity.

“This is the thing – I think it’s his eyebrows – the heritage he got from Mal Meninga. It’s just one big eyebrow that comes down like a roller door.

“But in all seriousness, I think people love Agro’s irreverence, his cheekiness – they were simpler times and we had a lot of fun,” said Mr Dunn.

Coming on board for the tour is Big Brother housemate and media darling “Ben from Brisbane”, Ben Zabel, who Jamie Dunn said he is looking forward to working with.

“Ben is a TV freak; he could tell you which horseshoe Mr Ed wore. I am looking forward to working with him because he will ask and seek out the grinding questions. Ben and I have a great rapport; you could say he had me at hello.” Mr Dunn concluded.

A Cartoon Connection fan from way back, Mr Zabel said being part of this show was a dream come true and an opportunity that no ‘90s kid could refuse.

“To get asked to come and play with Agro, someone you idolise, how could I say no to an offer like that?

“I love Anne-Marie, she is a legacy and I have big shoes to fill, especially as a fan. It was always Jill and Anne-Marie for me,” Mr Zabel continued.

“I think in this role, all you have to do is be insulted and take it well. Jamie Dunn is that sharp and that funny, he is a classic insult comedian. To be honest, I love being a second banana, I look forward to having him roast me in public.”

The nation is going Agro-mad with ice-cream chain Wendy’s celebrating his 30th birthday with a limited re-launch of their most popular official Agro ice-cream.

Do not miss out on re-visiting your ‘90s childhood at Agro Up Late with Jamie Dunn. Tickets are on sale for the Agro Up Late with Jamie Dunn Brisbane Comedy Festival season on Thursday 28 November via

For more information and tickets, visit (General public tickets on sale from Thurs 28 Nov)

The Queensland tour runs April/May 2020, full details to be announced.

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Peter J Snee

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