Mike Rizk Unleashes World-First Flamenco-Electro Spectacle at Adelaide Fringe

Prepare to be mesmerised as Spanish-Australian musician Mike Rizk and a team of performers take centre stage at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, unveiling a world-first live Flamenco-Electro show from February 16th to 18th, 2024.

In an unprecedented blend of both traditional Flamenco and cutting-edge Electronica, Mike Rizk is the only global artist currently delivering Electro Flamenco live. This avant-garde artist takes his audience on a journey from traditional flamenco through to the modern era of flamenco and electronica, mixing the old with the new and including Traditional Flamenco, Progressive Flamenco (Gypsy Kings Style), Flamenco House, Vocals, Flamenco Dance, and Modern Contemporary Dance.

Rizk, Electro Flamenco Director, Producer and Flamenco Guitarist:

The Adelaide Fringe is a spectacular place, full of creativity and a space to push boundaries, and I’m thrilled to unveil my world-first performance and showcase Electro Flamenco.

We’ve worked hard to deliver a unique and captivating show that exudes dynamic energy, seamlessly integrating live instruments with digital artistry, to captivate the audiences in a unique and immersive experience.

Renowned for his mastery of Flamenco guitar styles and techniques, during the 60-minute show, Rizk orchestrates a diverse ensemble of handpicked musicians, dancers, and vocalists, including Adelaide’s very own, Claudia Migliaccio, who was a finalist in The Voice. Other local artists include Flamenco dancer Poppy Arbuckle and modern contemporary dancer Rhianna Dunaiski. This fusion transcends musical genres, creating an electrifying atmosphere that defies convention using synthesisers, loopers, drum machines, and percussion.

Electro Flamenco vocalist and singer Migliaccio:

Flamenco Electro is a mix of house music with a flamenco flavour, and I can’t wait to be leading on vocals for this world-first performance right here at home for Adelaide Fringe. Mike has pulled together a stellar line up of talented artists, including some fellow locals, and the show will take guests on a journey to Spain and have them vibing in their seats in a spectacular show not seen before anywhere in the world.

What was once confined to the studio now comes alive on stage, marking a revolutionary shift in the Electro Flamenco landscape. Mike Rizk’s performance is a testament to his mastery of Flamenco and Electronica, intertwining passion, technological innovation, and over 30 years of performance experience.

A true pioneer of the Electro Flamenco genre, Mike’s journey reflects a profound love for both Flamenco and Electronica, seamlessly blended into what he aptly calls ‘Spanish Guitar Fusion.’ Reflecting on the genesis of his genre-defying sound, his mission is clear — to take his audience on a journey from traditional flamenco through to the modern era of flamenco and electronica, to bring Flamenco-Electro house music to the world and to make Mike Rizk a name synonymous with this groundbreaking genre.

Season Details

Venue: Adelaide Fringe
Date: 16- 18 Feb 2024

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