LIED AND PREJUDICE – the team that brought you A Very Naughty Christmas is back to ruin another cultural icon!

Woodward Productions, the creative minds behind the uproarious hit A Very Naughty Christmas, is back with another rollicking adventure that promises to leave audiences in stitches. From June 14th at The Shed, Northshore Brisbane, prepare to step back in time and experience the riotous fun of Plied and Prejudice.

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But wait, there’s a twist! No, it’s not a typo. This isn’t your grandmother’s Jane Austen adaptation. Plied and Prejudice is an 80-minute romp through Austen’s beloved classic but with a delightful deviation. Five talented actors will take on the challenge of portraying a whopping 20 characters, all while navigating the chaos that ensues when one of them imbibes five shots of liquor and does their best to derail the show.

Pride and Prejudice has long held a cherished place in the hearts of literary enthusiasts and the general public alike. With over 20 million copies sold worldwide, it’s no wonder that this timeless tale continues to captivate audiences across generations. Now, Woodward Productions is injecting new life into this classic story with a fresh and irreverent take that is sure to delight fans old and new.

Drawing inspiration from other wildly successful (and naughty) adaptations of classic literature, Plied and Prejudice promises an evening of side-splitting entertainment. This is a show for anyone who loves the original novels, adores the film adaptations, or simply enjoys a good laugh and a great time.

Producer Alex Woodward:

We’re thrilled to bring this unique theatrical experience to Brisbane audiences. With Plied and Prejudice, we’re blending classic literature with a modern twist, creating an unforgettable night of laughter and merriment. Get ready to experience Pride and Prejudice like never before. Come and join us at The Shed, Northshore, and prepare for an evening of literary hilarity that will leave you begging for an encore.

Season Details

Venue: The Shed, Dock C, Northshore Brisbane
Date: From 14 June 2024

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