HOMO PENTECOSTUS | Co-created by Joel Bray, Peter Peter Paltos and Emma Valente

In a world premiere, Malthouse audiences are invited to embark on an odyssey of self-discovery and liberation with Homo Pentecostus. Actor, dancer, and writer Joel Bray unveils an intimate exploration of his secret queer identity within the confines of a 1990s Pentecostal Church.

Experience a shared ritual that immerses you in the transformative power of music, movement, and collective experience. Pentecostalism is Australia’s fastest-growing religion and Joel will lead you through an insider’s perspective on the intersection of faith and sexuality. From the humble church hall to the vibrant disco dance floor, Homo Pentecostus peels back layers of conflicting allure and hidden shame to illuminate our quest to embrace our true selves.

Co-created by Joel Bray, Emma Valente and Peter Paltos, Homo Pentecostus will be an ecstatic testament to resilience, love and the pursuit of personal truth. Melbourne-based artist Joel Bray is a proud Wiradjuri man whose practice stems from his cultural heritage.

His works are intimate encounters in unorthodox spaces, in which audience-members are invited in as co-storytellers to explore the experiences of fair-skinned Aboriginal people, and the experiences of contemporary gay men in an increasingly digital and isolated world. He has created solo and ensemble dance works including Dharawungara, Daddy, Considerable Sexual License and I Liked it BUT and Garabari.

Season Details

Venue: Beckett Theatre
Date: 10 – 25 May 2024

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