Exciting thriller set for Tap Gallery

For lovers of a good thriller, the TAP Gallery has you sorted in November.

For lovers of a good thriller, the TAP Gallery has you sorted in November.
Dinner with a View follows up the dark comedy of Princess Ivona by plunging audiences into “a sensory journey of arts” at The TAP Gallery in Darlinghurst.

Building on the intimacy of ‘theatre-while-you-eat’ – formerly at Paddington – in this play we are invited into the cosy home of an elderly piano teacher as she reminisces.  There’s mystery aplenty and much more besides: music and art inspired by the piece will be a feature of the production… and fine wine and antipasto will lubricate the journey!

Amiable, warmhearted cookie-loving widow, Mrs K. invites us into her cosy home as she reflects back over her long life and career as a piano teacher. Deciding to reach out to her past students, she unleashes sinister mysteries which threaten to destroy the chocolate-box world she has created for herself. Julia Cho’s play will lure you in and keep you guessing until the bitter/sweet end! 

The Piano Teacher is a tense suspenseful thriller which ponders the effect of violence and war on the human psyche.  Dinner With a View presents the Australian premiere, hotly received by American audiences.

Director Lisa Eismen brings her American sensibilities to her countrywoman’s play and the small cast features Marilyn Gotlieb, Nick Dale and Karina Bracken.

Artistic director and curator of the Dinner with a View series, Cecile Payet, says that she is keen to immerse the audience in art. 

“This season really gives our audience a ‘total experience’,” she said.

“My dream is to mix all of the enriching aspects of life together with theatre and this piece will move a long way in that direction. I hope that the convivial setting of the lounge room [audiences will be seated on lounges as if included in Mrs K.’s parlour] will be the centre of a kaleidoscopic fusion of theatre, visual arts, music and gastronomic thrills.”

The play is at the Tap Gallery from November 3. Bookings: 1300 438 849.


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