Digital Entertainment: Popular Online Games Among Aussies and New Zealanders

Digital Entertainment: Popular Online Games Among Aussies and New Zealanders

Aussies and Kiwis share a love for life and a competitive spirit. This energy spills over into the online world, where a vibrant gaming scene thrives. Let’s delve into the most popular online games that keep Aussies and New Zealanders glued to their screens!

Kiwis are avid gamers, so the market has constantly expanded in recent years. Reports indicate that up to 79% of New Zealand residents engage in this entertainment. The industry revenue is predicted to reach $413 million by the end of 2024 – such high figures are the best confirmation of the entertainment’s popularity.

According to the latest Australia Plays 2023 report by IGEA (Interactive Games & Entertainment Association), a whopping 81% of all Australians play video games (up from 67% in 2021). This means online gaming is a major part of Australian culture.

Software developers delight users with a massive choice of high-quality gaming solutions for mobile devices, consoles, and PCs. Of course, players’ favourite games depend on their preferences and interests. However, some titles are still more in demand, so let’s explore the top games adored by Kiwis and Aussies.

Roblox is one of the most popular gaming platforms in both New Zealand and Australia. This product is widespread among adults and children. Immersive experiences during the game allow players to build a new personality in the virtual world and enjoy multiple features. Roblox is not just a gaming solution but an entire universe where users can enjoy multiple entertainment options, create communities, and keep in touch with like-minded people. New Zealanders adore this immersive social game!

Online Casino Entertainment

Online gambling is a national entertainment industry. So, everyone over 20 can join Casino Deps sites with multiple exciting features. Various offshore online casinos attract players with their bright games and the possibility of winning cash.

Australia boasts a lively online casino scene, offering Aussies a diverse range of pokies and table games to enjoy from the comfort of home. The Book of Dead from Play’n GO and Bonanza, developed by Big Time Gaming, are the common choice among local gamblers, but there are thousands of different titles suiting all preferences.

While online pokies are available in both countries, New Zealand has stricter regulations to promote responsible gambling. This means lower daily deposit limits compared to Australia.

League of Legends

This game has become incredibly in demand recently, and the rapid evolution of esports played a crucial role in its popularity in Australia and New Zealand. The League of Legends is an online multiplayer where users should get into teams and compete with their rivals. A broad choice of characters and the possibility of customizing them to perform different tasks are among the most exciting features.


At first glance, this game seems childish and can only attract kids, but its exciting plot has captured adults’ attention, too. Building a new world from endless blocks boosts imagination and creativity, so Minecraft is not only fun but also useful. Although it is primitive at first glance, it has so many features that no one has a chance to get bored.

The game has two modes: survival and creativity. Choosing the first option requires users to engage in battles, fight for resources, craft shelters, and do everything possible to beat the rival. Conversely, the creativity mode provides players with limitless assets to build their dream world—and only the user’s imagination knows where its borders are.


Football is insanely popular globally, and Australia is no exception. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many country’s residents choose this sports game to have fun and feel like their favourite athletes. The first product of the entire series, FIFA International Soccer, was released in 1993.

This traditional 16-bit game created a lot of noise in the market and has been developed for the following 30 years. Currently, players can enjoy high-quality interfaces and immersive effects, making FIFA the top choice for New Zealanders.

Royal Match

Many users prefer mobile gaming, as it’s easy to enjoy top titles wherever they are. Royal Match is among the most popular apps available for iOS and Android devices. This game’s simplicity is complemented by bright gameplay and an exciting plot, so it’s not surprising that Kiwis love it. Royal Match has over 4,500 levels and is the most widespread puzzle game, with over 13 million players globally.

Call of Duty

This timeless game was launched in 2003 and has maintained its popularity until now. The original titles attracted millions of people, but the developer didn’t stop on that success. The Call of Duty series now boasts over 20 titles released during the last two decades.

The classic action game is equipped with numerous features. To become champions, players have to collect weapons, customize their characters, and compete on the colossal map. The game was initially designed for PCs, but its lite version is now available for mobile devices.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

This series for Nintendo Switch has been in demand for almost forty years. The first product, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, was developed in 1986, and the latest game, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, was created in 2023.

This open-world action-adventure title is the top choice of many Aussies due to its thrilling plot, sudden twists, and numerous built-in features. Solving puzzles, defeating enemies, and fighting the main boss provide hours of fun and pleasure.

Grand Theft Auto V

Of course, we couldn’t avoid this game in our rating; the series is in the top positions among players in New Zealand and beyond. Grand Theft Auto has been the hottest bestseller for years and is available for Xbox, PlayStation, PCs, and mobile devices.

Players must survive in a big city full of gangsters, criminals, and thieves. Users cannot trust anyone, as they never know who’ll become their next enemy, which makes the game so thrilling and unpredictable.

Final Thoughts

The gaming world regularly delights enthusiasts with exciting brand-new solutions, so it’s really complicated to form a top list. The above games are in demand among Australian and New Zealand residents, and many of them have been on the market for several decades already. Contributing to the growth of New Zealand’s game development industry, the NZGDA fosters a thriving community of creators.

Kiwis and Aussies are avid gamers and are always happy to try something new. At the same time, the country’s residents remain loyal to their favourite series and impatiently wait for exciting releases.

While online pokies are available in both countries, New Zealand has stricter regulations to promote responsible gambling. This means slower gameplay, limited bonus rounds, and lower daily deposit limits compared to Australia.

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