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In All Honesty is a non-fiction theatrical podcast that allows people from different walks of life to share experiences which society doesn’t always find easy to discuss. Brought to life by brand new creative collective THE TWELVE, these are stories that are not heard every day. This podcast breaks down stigmas, allowing its storytellers to have a frank and honest voice about social barriers, relationships, and mental and physical health. It answers questions we are too afraid to ask and ‘in all honesty’, it’s time we changed that.

This podcast will bring the darkest parts of ourselves into the light, in order to inspire, entertain, and foster human connection. Each season will focus on real stories with real people sharing their circumstances candidly on their own terms. Original musical composition supports each of these stories, in a podcast so unique and intimate the listener feels as though they are being confided in by a close friend.

Launching today and coinciding with International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, season one, MEG, boldly confronts the sensitive circumstances surrounding stillbirth. The first two episodes are available now with subsequent episodes released biweekly. Told by Australian stage and TV actor Bert LaBonté, it tells a true and heartbreaking story of stillbirth, the impact on him, his relationship, and his family. Bert generously shares the story of how he lost his daughter Meg and how a little unexpected magic appeared in the darkest of times.

Bringing this conversation into the light is both important and necessary. For me personally it was a truly cathartic experience. I never thought this far past the event, I’d ever get, or want, a chance to relive and re-tell these moments in such detail. It’s been a surprisingly wonderful thing to do, said Bert.

Sharing this story inspired the musical composition by Gillian Cosgriff, which features throughout the season and creates an accessible platform for the listener. The storyteller and composer come together, to elevate and uplift this sensitive subject.

This has been an incredibly rewarding project that’s allowed me to work in an entirely new way. Bert would send me his recordings, and I’ve used his speaking rhythms and pitches to create all of the music in the series, said Gillian.

She continued,

Each season of In All Honesty you’ll hear about something taboo, from the person who’s lived it. There’s no interviewer, no questions, no prompts. We send our subject away with a recording device to tell their story on their own terms. Then a composer uses those recordings as the starting point to create the music.

The series introduces a new way of storytelling where the listener is wrapped in a personal journey appreciating that out of heartbreak, we can find hope, through vulnerability, we unveil bravery. Further seasons of In All Honesty are currently in development by THE TWELVE and will look to delve deep into topics such as racial discrimination, depression,  raising children with mental illness, disability, sexuality/identity, terminal illness, physical body issues, sexual assault, addiction, behavioural disorders, female reproductive issues, parents living with dementia, abusive relationships and living with an invisible illness.

THE TWELVE is a group of creatives from all facets of theatre production which have come together during this strange and unsettling time in 2020 helping to produce a taskforce for the arts and new Australian work. Brought together by Liza McLean, one of Australia’s leading theatrical producers, THE TWELVE is twelve artists, twelve open minds, twelve theatrical leaders all experiencing an unprecedented and vulnerable moment differently. Some friends, some colleagues and some strangers. This newfound virtual troupe met via video conference weekly to explore thoughts, ideas, feelings and workshop new projects for an uncertain future. Harnessing the power of vulnerability and truth, THE TWELVE quickly evolved into a truly collaborative team, whose dedication to the arts is only surpassed by their love for it.

‘This year has delivered some of the greatest challenges we have ever faced, our beloved theatre industry has been hit hard. Empty stages around the country left us all feeling hopeless and lost and it is my undying love for our industry and the people in it that inspired me to bring together a group of people I respect and admire creating this brave new collective. We want to create new spaces for the arts, theatre and entertainment, we are committed to producing new work and to evolve with our collaborators,’ said Liza McLean.

THE TWELVE is Liza McLean (Producer/Director/Collaborator), Harry Prouse (Associate Producer/Collaborator), Alana Valentine (Writer/Lyricist/Collaborator), Amber McMahon (Actor/Collaborator), Bert LaBonté (Actor/Writer/Collaborator), Christie Whelan Browne (Actor/Collaborator), Gillian Cosgriff(Actor/Composer/Collaborator), Harrison Rose (Actor/Writer/Collaborator), Mike McLeish (Actor/Writer/Collaborator), Sarah Giles(Director/Dramaturg/Collaborator), Jeff van de Zandt (Creative/Collaborator) and Ash Mckenzie (Creative/Actor/Collaborator)

IN ALL HONESTY – THE PODCAST is available now
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Peter J Snee

Peter is a British born creative, working in the live entertainment industry. He holds an honours degree in Performing Arts and has over 12 years combined work experience in producing, directing and managing artistic programs & events. Peter has traversed the UK, Europe and Australia pursuing his interest in theatre. He is inspired by great stories and passionately driven by pursuing opportunities to tell them.

Peter J Snee

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