Bobby Fox – from one American icon to another

Bobby Fox
Bobby Fox

After three years playing Frankie Valli in the smash hit musical Jersey Boys, Irish born performer Bobby Fox is now performing in a show about another 1960s American star – Doris Day.

“She was such an icon,” he says. “People really remember her from things like Calamity Jane, but her career went through such ups and downs.”

Bobby Fox is rehearsing alongside Melinda Schneider and Shaun Rennie to prepare for a return season of Doris, which will feature a final concert in the iconic concert hall of the Sydney Opera House.

The show played in theatres all around the country last year and features Doris Day hits such as Everybody Loves a Lover, Secret Love and of course Que Sera, Sera.

The trio have been performing the shows around the country in the lead up to the big Opera House finale.

“It’s a sort of tribute show,” Bobby says. “It tells the story of her life and explains the person she is, but Melinda never does an impersonation of Doris.”

Fox admits that he wasn’t much of a Doris Day fan before he got his latest gig.

“I knew some of the songs,” he says, “not many though, and I really didn’t know anything about her life.”

Fox explains that Doris’s story is so intriguing because her dream was never to be a massive star. “Her main ambition was really just to be happily married with lots of children and the white picket fence,” he says.

“But she had such talent she was just destined for bigger things. She really lived by the motto ‘whatever will be, will be.’ She believed everything happens for a reason.”

Throughout the show, Bobby appears as various characters from Doris’ life, including some of the many men Doris was involved with, and as one of the narrators.

After playing Frankie Valli for such a long time, Bobby says it’s refreshing to be doing something new. He’s just finished filming a part in Channel 9’s new series Tricky Business and recording a debut EP with his band, Bobby Fox and the Treatment. It was also recently announced that Bobby will be starring in The Production Company’s production of Chess later in the year, and Fox is looking forward to the challenges in store.

“It’s all so varied, it’s great,” he says. “As performers, we like things to change up.”

But for now, Bobby’s focus is on Doris and preparing for the Opera House concert next Friday. With so much in the pipeline, it will certainly be a busy 2012 for Bobby Fox.

Doris – So Much More Than The Girl Next Door

Bennelong Point, Sydney
One show only: Friday 13 April 8pm

Tickets from $79

Bookings: (02) 9250 7777 or or

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