UK Frozen enjoys extended stint at Drury Lane’s Royal Theatre

The remarkable run of ‘Frozen’ persists at Drury Lane’s esteemed Royal Theatre, with yet another extension to its captivating shows.

Currently gracing the stage is Jenna Lee-James, stepping into Elsa’s shoes as Samantha Barks embarks on her maternity break, alongside Emily Lane portraying Anna, Djavan van de Fliert as Kristoff, Craig Gallivan playing Olaf, and several other talented actors. The character of Sven sees a rotation between Mikayla Jade and Ashley Birchall. The ensemble boasts names such as Rhianne Alleyne, Marianne Bardgett, Char Burnett (as Bulda), Ben Irish (in the role of Pabbie), Jacqui Sanchez (taking on Queen Iduna), and many others.

From 27 September onwards, the lineup sees a bit of a shuffle with Jenna Lee-James continuing as Elsa, Laura Dawkes as Anna, and several fresh and returning faces. The ensemble remains largely unchanged, however, Oliver Brenin, Ashley J Daniels (portraying King Agnarr), Lizzy-Rose Esin-Kelly (as Bulda), and a few other additions join the mix.

It’s noteworthy that ‘Frozen’ has set a new benchmark for the theatre, especially during the November, December, and festive seasons last year. Audience members can secure their seats until June 2024, with reservations for fresh showings available from Friday, 15 September at 10 am.

The narrative, commemorating its film version’s decade milestone, revolves around two siblings coping with their parents’ tragic demise and confronting the chilling abilities of the elder sister. The musical score hails from the duo Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, with the storyline crafted by Jennifer Lee, under the direction of the acclaimed Michael Grandage.

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