Tina – The Tina Turner Musical Unveils New Trailer for West End Spectacle

The celebrated musical marks five years of success with an exclusive look at its West End production, showcasing the vibrant legacy of Tina Turner.

London, UK – After five years of sensational performances, Tina – The Tina Turner Musical continues to reign over the West End with a thrilling new trailer. The production, which has seen global success with eight productions worldwide since its premiere in 2018, remains a fixture at the historic Aldwych Theatre.

The musical biography, which celebrates the life and legacy of the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, features a star-studded cast with Karis Anderson and Elesha Paul Moses alternating in the iconic role of Tina Turner. Okezie Morro delivers a compelling portrayal of Ike Turner, alongside Mark Anderson who steps into the shoes of Record Producer Phil Spector and Lyricist Terry Britten.

Jonathan Carlton shines as record company Marketing Manager Erwin Bach, Vanessa Dumatey appears as Tina’s sister Alline Bullock, and Irene Myrtle Forrester captivates as the formidable Grandmother, GG. The cast also includes Earl Gregory as Tina’s father Richard Bullock, Harry Harrington as her Manager Roger Davies, Emma Hatton as Ike and Tina’s manager Rhonda Graam, with Jairus McClanahan as Tina’s first love Raymond Hill, and Carole Stennett as her mother Zelma.

The ensemble rounds out with impressive talents including Lauren Allan, Turrell Barrett-Wallace, Joey James, Zara MacIntosh, and Thomas Sutcliffe. The Ikettes add a vibrant dynamic with performances by Morgan Broome, Amara Campbell, and Abiola Efunshile, and the dedicated swings who bring adaptability and energy to every show.

The production also features a young and gifted children’s cast who depict the early years of Turner’s life with remarkable poise and presence.

Upon its world premiere in April 2018, Tina – The Tina Turner Musical broke box office records at the Aldwych Theatre and has since been lauded by critics for its raw and evocative storytelling paired with a soundtrack that has audiences on their feet.

This musical extravaganza invites fans to delve into the turbulent, yet inspiring life of Tina Turner, presented through a high-energy narrative that underscores her unparalleled courage and indomitable will to succeed. With her biggest hits as the backdrop, the musical is a testament to Turner’s resilience, a story of her rise from adversity to stardom, defying expectations at every turn.

The release of the new trailer is a siren call to both die-hard fans and newcomers to experience the magic of Tina Turner’s story. Tina – The Tina Turner Musical is not only a tribute to the star’s musical prowess but also an homage to her unyielding zest for life and the power of dreaming big.

For more information and to book tickets for this unmissable show, visit the Aldwych Theatre’s official website.


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