Time’s Arrow

Time’s Arrow provides the audience with a voyeuristic view of two people’s lives as they explore the after-effects of an horrific aeroplane crash.

Presented by: Birnam WoodVenue: La Mama’s Courthouse Theatre
Opening Night, Wednesday 2 November, 2011
Time's ArrowTime’s Arrow provides the audience with a voyeuristic view of two people’s lives as they explore the after-effects of an horrific aeroplane crash.
Simon (Mike McEvoy) is the sole survivor of the commercial airline disaster who struggles to come to terms with his seemingly random escape. He is forced to attend mandatory counselling sessions with Laura (Christina Costigan) whose aim, it seems, is to coerce Simon into recounting the horror in minute detail. 
Kelly (Cindy Elliott) is the flight attendant who called in sick on the day of the fateful crash. As she fights the guilt of losing her friend, who worked her shift thereby sparing her an early grave, she seeks out Simon in an attempt to make sense of her grief.
Written by Mark Andrew and Directed by Shannon Woollard, Time’s Arrow delves into the issue of psychological trauma and how one moment in time can have catastrophic results for not only the victims, but also the survivors left behind.
While the overall energy of this Opening Night performance was at times lack lustre, Woollard has assembled a well-cast ensemble. Christina Costigan gave a solid performance as the tough, unrelenting counsellor determined to help Simon break through his emotional blocks. Cindy Elliott brought a lovely warmth to her role, which could be enhanced with a deeper exploration of Kelly’s emotional turmoil. McEvoy’s performance was both subtle and truthful juxtaposing his charm and humour against the painful guilt suffered as he recounted the events leading up to the tragedy. 
Woollard has crafted this production with a simple, classy set beautifully enhanced by Lapin Blanc’s elegant lighting and Chris Boek’s sublime sound design. 
Time’s Arrow is an interesting journey into the lives of those who survive a tragedy and the lengths they will go to make sense of it. As the lights came up, a quiet calm descended over the audience but what was really at play here was at the heart of this drama – is it really harder to survive?
Time’s Arrow runs from 1st – 12th November 2011.
La Mama’s Carlton Courthouse349 Drummond Street, Carlton
For bookings and more information call 0450 327 309 or visit Birnam Wood Theatre, Melbourne

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