Skitch Tease

Skitch TeaseWaiting in the queue for Skitch Tease, a woman told me that the performer’s boyfriend had brought his mother to the show to meet his new girlfriend. In most cases, this would be an unusual yet quaint way of introducing your new squeeze to the parents, except for one thing … Liz Skitch performs the show naked except for a teeny, tiny piano accordion.

If there ever was a good reason for mum not approving of your new girlfriend, you’d think this would be it. Nonetheless, a show like this in the hands of the very talented, very adorable Skitch, I’m pleased to say this relationship’s off to a good start. I can only imagine her boyfriend’s mother squeezing Skitch’s cheeks after the show and inviting her over for a Sunday roast.

I don’t care if a performer romps around with nothing or a little on as long as it’s not tokenistic and sexploitative, otherwise you might as well stay at home and tune into Video Hits. But Skitch Tease really is just one big tease. While Skitch does sit their naked, her squeeze box leaves a lot to the imagination while she delivers a great comedy show with aplomb and wit. Think: goldilocks on helium doing vaudeville. Riotous!

The strength of this show is that Skitch is a natural storyteller. She’s confident, zany and really sweet, and even when she’s being meowww catty you still want to take her home and introduce her to your mum, too. Her repertoire between songs is solid and even when she veers away from her material to engage directly with the audience the comedy is still smooth and cracker-bang witty.

The piano accordion, aside from providing very classy and interesting apparel (take note Britney), is a wonderful accompaniment to this show as it gives this piece a lovely pace and added laughs. Skitch also has a great knack for characterisation. Her stories and songs shift in tone and flavour through the quick glances she give us of her mother and niece. The songs sometimes lose engagement from the audience as the lyrics are too simplistic which doesn’t quite match the cleverness of Skitch’s stories. Skitch could afford to polish up the lyrics without losing their accessibility that would only enhance this, already, consummate show.

Karla Dondio

Karla Dondio is a Melbourne based freelance writer who has been reviewing theatre, comedy, cabaret and other live assortments for five years now.

Karla Dondio

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