MICF: Isabella Valette – Princesstuous

Armed with sparkles, informative slides, hilarious reworkings of pop songs and an amazing amount of pink, Princesstuous is a witty and topical show.

Isabella Valette – Princesstuous
Isabella Valette – Princesstuous

Like many young girls, Valette believed herself to be a princess. However, as she got older she realised that a lot of her actions don’t fit in with the ideas of what it means to be a princess. Taking us through what it means to be a princess, Valette uses her own personal stories to discuss a number of topics, including feminism, sex and family. While there are moments throughout the show that have the possibility to make audience members feel awkward and uncomfortable, Valette’s big grin and cheeky nature tend to overpower such issues.

Armed with a magnificent singing voice, Valette is a charming and goofy performer who deserves an audience.


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