Melbourne Fringe: Bock Kills Her Father

The streets of rural suburbia howl and packs of wild creatures are on the prowl for sex and revenge in Adam J A Cass’s Bock Kills Her Father.

Bock Kills Her Father - Melbourne Fringe 2015
Bock Kills Her Father – Melbourne Fringe 2015

The script hums with a truly fearful and violent tension, perfectly realised in Penny Harpham’s slick direction and exquisitely performed by a stunning all-female cast.

Marissa O’Reilly, Ruby Hughes and Emina Ashman are a volatile and complex gang of profoundly human thugs, Emma Annand bristles with rage and fear and vulnerability as the titular Bock, and Annie Lumsden evokes an uncomfortable sympathy as the young sweetheart Sarah.

Raya Slavin’s sound design is rich and chilling and perfectly complemented by Jason Crick’s stark and flickering light scape, creating an aesthetic that serves to unnerve and unsettle.

Cass’s new work tingles with raw, unflinching viciousness and a brutal intimacy that is altogether frighteningly beautiful to behold.

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