Melbourne Fringe: A Star Is Bored

Nick Eynaud wants to be rich, famous and powerful. It’s the kind of wish we might expect from a WAAPA graduate who has dreamed of stardom since he won so many “Loveable Baby” contests when he was seven months old.

A Star Is Bored_ Melbourne Fringe

A Star is Bored is a charming autobiographical show. Eynaud (nobody ever pronounces it right) has a surprising number of stories about binge-watching television, mostly reality television – while thinking that might be a short cut to stardom.

This is a strong cabaret show. Eynaud has really great control of voice and body; most of his songs are parodies of musical standards, but when he really gets into Losing My Mind, you can see his dramatic power. And the show twists and turns from funny to dramatic with ease.

Keith Gow

Keith Gow is an internationally-produced playwright, best known for Who Are You Supposed to Be (Edinburgh Fringe 2013, Melbourne Fringe 2014, Adelaide Fringe 2015). He is also co-writer of the upcoming supernatural drama series Sonnigsburg which will air on Channel 31. He blogs about his writing, film and theatre at

Keith Gow

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