Josh Earl is a Librarian – Perth Fringe World

Josh Earl
Josh Earl

“Shhhh this is a library….

Two weeks, then bring it back….

No eating …..

Push your chair in”

And so Josh Earl begins his fifty minute comedy show with a tune that includes all the catch phrases close to librarians hearts.

With the aid of his voice, a guitar and power point presentation Josh Earl shares his experiences of being a school librarian and walks us through various highlights of the Dewy System.

Earl’s highlights include such Dewy system categories as Religion, Education, Graphs and Songs of Love. He shares with the audience original songs and stories that relate to the chosen topic. Who would have thought a piece which describes the nightly ritual of Skyping with his mother could be so hilarious? Not to mention the song which discusses the fact Jesus has to share his birthday with Christmas day.

At times Earl’s dialogue becomes a little confusing as he deviates from his theme and launches into tales that have nothing to do with being a librarian. He moves away from one tale, to return to it again later in the show.

Unfortunately, in these situations, the momentum of the joke tends to be lost.

The first half of the show is amusing however the second half failed to build to that laugh out loud moment that brings the audience to hysterics, wanting more.


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