Fringe World Festival Perth – La Soiree

Image - Prudence Upton
Image – Prudence Upton

La Soiree is a feast of sensual delights that satisfies all tastes, as acts from around the globe have audiences enthralled, engaged and entertained.  And at last it has arrived in Perth as part of the 2015 Fringe World Festival.

The evening commenced with a giant slinky puppet skillfully maneuvered by Cabaret Décadanse. Serge Deslauriers and André-Anne Leblanc, set the mood for the audience as it mimed to the hit “If you could read my mind”   and the troupe of talented performers presented highlight after highlight throughout the evening.

Clowning was cleverly achieved during serious circus acts. Captain Frodo had the audience laughing and groaning in pain, as he dislocated various parts of his body to squeeze though tennis racquets. I could tolerate his attempts to dislocate his body, but it was his attempt to squeeze the racquets over his pierced nipples that had me cringing.

Nate Cooper stumbled and tap danced through his act on roller skates while the front row ducked for cover, just in case he fell off and landed on them. Bathman likewise had the audience ducking for cover as he frolicked in a bathtub of water while performing aerial gymnastics while flicking and spitting water into the crowd.

English Gents Image - Viktor Wallstrom
English Gents
Image – Viktor Wallstrom

The English Gents performed an act of acrobatic skill, strength and balance with a stiff upper lip that at one point had them balancing on one another’s shoulders. Hamish McCann’s male version of a pole dancing routine saw him appear to walk in mid air as his upper body strength spun and propelled him around the pole.

Male comedian Asher Treieaven delivered a reading from a Mills and Boons book that had many in the audience blushing and his female counterpart, Ursula Martinez, performed a sensual magical strip tease that left the audience asking “Where did it go?” and believing in magic again. Her Spanish skit proved you don’t need to necessarily speak a language to understand what is being said.

Australian Jess Love’s cheeky and sensual stage presence teased the audience while David and Fofo’s acts saw ping pong balls flying through the Speigeltent and bodies falling and flying through the air during their trapeze performance.

With a plethora of adult circuses on the circuit at the moment La Soiree soars and offers some fresh and exciting acts to stimulate and entertain the audience. La Soiree is a sensual evening of circus antics that is not for the prudish.

“Brilliant, amazing, Well worth the money and How did they do that?” were some of the comments overheard from the opening night audience.


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