– Melbourne Fringe

Admit it, we all know at least one person who drives us mad on Facebook, whether it’s the constant meme poster, the fitness junkie, the spiritual hippy or those who jump on every new posting trend (neknomination anyone?).

CULL. Melbourne Fringe 2016. Image supplied
CULL. Melbourne Fringe 2016. Image supplied

Over the course on an hour, Patrick Durnan Silva and Honor Wolff poke fun at these people and much more in the most hilarious manner. Going on a “culling” spree, this gorgeous duo dance, prance, tap and jump around the stage with an amazing and youthful energy. Building to a glorious finish, these two own the stage.

While a little rough around the edges (which actually added a nice charm to the show), this is a cheeky, charming and fun-filled show. Now excuse me while I go and cull some of my own Facebook friends…


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