60 Minutes Inside Adele – Naomi Price Cabaret Show

Naomi Price - Adele
Naomi Price in Adele “Rumour Has It”

If Adele had a sister it would be British born Queensland resident, Naomi Price.

Her red locks and soulful voice captivate like Adele’s, her accent on point with Adele’s and her show, not a tribute, but a celebration of one of our eras most popular artists is 60 minutes Inside Adele.

Playing at Brisbane’s Stockholm Syndrome last Friday and Saturday night as part of the Brisbane Cabaret festival, Price brought the house down with her sassy banter, hilarious comedic timing and velvety vocals.

This girl can sure belt it out with the best of them.

The first act of the cabaret introduced Adele’s life and songs made popular by her <

em>19 and 21 albums. Included in the mix was witty repartee about songs she wrote as a 4 yr old.  The highlight was a stunning song, not so popular in the charts, about the place where she grew up.

Act 2 opened with vocals by Brisbane lad Luke Kennedy singing Somebody that I used to know, but the mike was quickly taken over once again by Price hilariously informing him his job was “okay!”

There was even an ode to the Spice Girls during an Adele song, which was so clever, seamlessly integrating Adele’s music with sections of the pop groups' famous 'Wannabe'. Fabulous!

There were many poignant and beautiful moments in the show which ebbed and flowed amongst a LOT of humour and the audience was involved in every step of the show. You could not help but toe tap, slap a thigh and seat boogie as this very popular artist was brought to life by another fantastic artist in her own right.

We will see big things for this show and there’s plenty more material from Adele to come that will keep this cabaret current.

5 stars!


Rebecca Grennan

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Rebecca Grennan