Your Best Entertainment Options in Australia

Australia is known for providing one of the highest ratings for best quality of life in the world. Thanks to a great work/life balance, fantastic medical care, an outdoor lifestyle, temperate climate, pollution free air, and fantastic leisure facilities to name a few, many people across the world choose to emigrate to Australia each year.

While Australia has one of the best work life balances in the world, that by no means shows that Australians are shy of a little hard work. In fact, statistics indicate that the average Australian works 36 hours a week. Yet, Australia is also known for its leisurely lifestyle in which there is so much to do, whether it be getting up close and personal with nature in the bush, heading to the city to soak in all the cultural sites, or checking out the fantastic multicultural food on offer.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the best things to do in Australia when looking for a little entertainment.

Taking a luxury train experience

There’s no doubt that Australia is a large and vast country, in which its total land area is approximately 2.968 million square miles. This fact, combined with the often harshly hot climate means that travel can be a little less than glamorous.

However, Australia does not lack in railways and one option to travel throughout Australia is to take a luxury train. While it’s not the quickest option for travel when comparing it to flying, luxury train experiences provide the ultimate way to relax in luxury, while also getting where you need to go and seeing the most Australia has to offer.

Some of the most popular rail journeys include Darwin to Adelaide on the Ghan. The red sands of the Australian outback are iconic and not to be missed either, with many cross country train experiences offering this as a stopping point.

Gambling in Australia

There are many quality casinos across Australia, in which brick and mortar casinos became legal in 1973. While gambling and sports wagering is heavily regulated, there are still many quality licensed venues across the country. Some of the best casinos in Australia include:

Casino Canberra – Located in the capital territory, Casino Canbera was the first ever legal casino to be established on the Australian continent. While there are a great variety of games, bear in mind that they do not hold a license for poker machines.

Crown Sydney – The Crown Sydney has won numerous awards for its stunning architecture, however it doesn’t all end there. The casino itself offers the very best in VIP gaming with a 6-star service.

Lasseters Hotel Casino – Providing international standards, this casino offers a huge variety of table games, as well as an exclusive sports lounge. For a more exclusive experience, become a member and gain access to member only facilities too. Online casinos have seen huge success offering themed games like Sizzling Hot Deluxe so Lasseters have matched this with a dedicated area for electronic games.

Interacting with unique marine life

If you’re a fan of marine life and all things water sports, there’s no better place to visit than Australia. Not only is it home to the Great Barrier Reef where you can spot and snorkel or dive with some of the rarest marine wildlife in the world, there are plenty of other amazing marine experiences to be had across Australia.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie then head over to Darwin where you can cage dive with crocodiles. SImilarly, you can head over to the Eyre Peninsula dor a cage diving experience with Great White Sharks. If you’re lucky or unlucky enough, you may also bumpy into Great Whites off of the famous Bondi Beach in Sydney.

If turtles are your weakness then head over to Queensland on the East Coast for a chance to watch turtle eggs hatch on the beach. One of the few places you can witness this is Mon Repos Turtle Centre near Bundaberg. Just be sure not to get too close and keep all lights out so the hatchlings can safely find their way to the water.

Overall, there is a huge variety of things to do in Australia, particularly when it comes to interacting with nature and wildlife. From world class bars and restaurants, to legendary cultural venues such as the Sydney Opera House, to internationally recognised casinos, and thrill seeking adventures in the ocean and the bush. For those that visit Australia, it’s hard not to fall in love with the place.

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