Worldwide streaming event, Shaun Parker & Company AM I World premiere, Sydney Opera House

In January 2014, Shaun Parker & Company premiered AM I, in a sell-out season at Australia’s most iconic performing arts venue, the Sydney Opera House, as part of the Sydney Festival.

Following its debut, this remarkable production went on to take Australia and the world by storm; touring within Australia, internationally to Europe and Asia, and attracting nominations for a slew of awards.

As part of the Sydney Opera House’s 50th anniversary celebrations, a beautifully filmed recording of this internationally acclaimed, award-winning production – one of the first full-length works from Australia’s most cutting-edge contemporary dance company, is being made available for worldwide streaming, for one month, from October 4 to November 4, 2023.

A dance music collaboration between Shaun Parker and celebrated Australian composer Nick Wales, AM I investigates the quintessential meaning of I.

Am I my culture? Am I my faith? Am I my genetic material? Am I a random cosmological consequence?

Ambitiously embracing ideas from physics, astronomy, anthropology, and other sciences, AM I charts our human development, burrowing to the very heart of what it is to be human within our modern-day digitised global tribe.

Brought to life by fourteen extraordinary musicians and dancers, the work features an inspired blend of spoken word, razor-sharp, highly physical choreography, intricate hand gestures and ancient fan and stick weaponry, beautifully set against Wales’ richly textured original score.

View the AM I trailer here.


Stream the full 77-minute performance here, October 4 to November 4, 2023.

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