Windmill’s Creation Creation returns to Adelaide

Windmill Theatre Company’s celebrated documentary theatre work Creation Creation returns to the Space Theatre this May.

Following critically acclaimed seasons at DreamBIG Children’s Festival in 2021, the Sydney Opera House, Arts Centre Melbourne and Perth’s Awesome Festival in 2022, this deeply moving, laugh-out-loud hilarious family production finally returns home.

Director Rosemary Myers:

Creation Creation is one of our all-time favourites at Windmill in a world of information overload, we attempt to answer the most burning questions of the universe, as asked by the South Australian public. The result is truly unique and highly entertaining.

Co-created by director Rosemary Myers (Bluey’s Big Play, Girl Asleep), documentary theatre maker Roslyn Oades (The Nightline), and co-creators, designers and performers Jonathon Oxlade (Bluey’s Big Play, Hans and Gret) and Fleur Elise Noble (Two Dimensional Life of Her, ROOMAN), Creation Creation is a charming and wild portrait of human ingenuity for audiences aged 10 and up. This return season is performed by Fleur Elise Noble and James Smith (Hibernation, Euphoria, Girl from the North Country).

Clare Watson, recently appointed Artistic Director of Windmill Theatre Company following Rosemary Myers transition to full time Artistic Director of Windmill Pictures, the company’s screen producing arm:

Creation Creation is an incredible work of genius.To me the work is everything that people love about Windmill and love about Rose. I am deeply inspired by this work and the way it pushes at the edge of what people expect from live theatre.

To make Creation Creation, Roslyn Oades conducted over 35 hours of interviews filled with un answerable  questions like ‘how did the world begin?’, ‘what happens when you die?’, ‘are aliens real?’, and ‘what’s inside a black hole?’, that were then refined into a 50-minute audio script that two creators, Noble and Smith, respond to in real-time on stage. Using every tool in their creative arsenal, including sculpture, mime, dance and puppetry, the pair build, battle and brawl their way through the mysteries of the universe.

Creation Creation features AUSLAN interpretation from Dan Cleasby, a community member that the creative team met during the interview process. His natural charisma made him a perfect fit for the project and his inclusion makes every performance of Creation Creation accessible to deaf and hard of hearing audiences.


The response from audiences has been incredible. We never tire of hearing how the show has sparked big conversations post viewing. We are truly excited to return home for new (and old) audiences to experience Creation Creation.

Season Details

Venue: Space Theatre
Date: 3-11 May 2024

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