WAAPA grads line up for hit show

Seven graduates of the Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts (WAAPA) – including four from 2007 – will line-up for a production of the hit musical Hello Again at Sydney’s Darlinghurst Theatre early next year.

Hello Again focuses on 10 sexual encounters that occur over 10 scenes spanning the 20th century and form a daisy chain ending where it began. The cycle reveals the poignant and sometimes comic need for a deeper connection that alludes us. In each decade couples are prone to mistaking sex for intimacy in pursuit of reckless passion.

Stephen Colyer developed this production for WAAPA, but was determined to have it seen by wider audiences.

“I was thrilled to be invited to create the show at WAAPA because the piece would draw on my dance background as much as my experience as a director. Graciele Daniele directed and choreographed the original production in NY. There is something incredibly satisfying about doing both, especially on a piece like Hello Again where everything is so integrated,” Colyer said.

“It is virtually impossible to discern where the director and choreographer take over from each other. Opportunities like this are few so I wanted to capitalise on the resources offered by WAAPA and present a further developed version of the show in Sydney with a a balance of seasoned and new talent.”

The cast of 10 features seven WAAPA graduates and in full is: Helpmann Award winner Kate-Maree Hoolihan, Lisa Callingham, Nathan Carter, Zack Curran, Keane Fletcher, Vincent Hooper, Gareth Keegan, Katrina Retallick, Liz Stiles and Matt Young.

Hello Again is the musical adaptation of La Ronde by the dazzlingly inventive composer/lyricist Michael John LaChiusa. Arthur Schnitzler wrote La Ronde in 1900 as a satire on Viennese society. In 1921 when the play was first produced it sparked riots resulting in obscenity charges.

“Michael John LaChiusa redefines what musical theatre is capable of as a genre,” Colyer said.

“I would love for his work to become more widely appreciated here. The detail in his writing is staggering, the rewards for an attentive audience are immense.”

Hello Again opens at the Darlinghurst Theatre on January 30. Bookings: (02) 8356 9987.

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