Trevor Ashley’s MOULIN SCROOGE!

In the heyday of Kings Cross, there was one place that really put it on the map. A famed club where the bourgeoisie and the bogans would party like it’s 1899. That club was the Moulin Beige, and you’re invited to the (Xmas) party of the year.

Trevor Ashley stars as Saton, the one they call the rough diamond. As the greatest star of the “Beige”, she and the infamous club-owner Astrid Zeneca (Carlotta) would delight audiences with a heady mix of booze, pills and way too many medleys. But the club is in financial dire straits – Colonial developers want to close it down and build apartment blocks, whatever THEY are!??

Will the Duke (of York) save the joint, and become an investor in their business? Or is he just a dirty old sleaze who doesn’t sweat?

Enter You-in McGregor, a young bogan from Brisbane who falls madly for Saton. Will he even get past the ferocious bouncer, Moulin Brando? Will Saton give up her gig for love?

In a madcap adults-only panto from the sick minds of TREVOR ASHLEY and PHIL SCOTT, come and join the fun in this SATIRICAL twist on a beloved Dickensian tale, as Satôn is visited by clients past, present and emerging. Expect plenty of Youth! Booty! Free Wifi! And Laughs!

Season Details

Venue: Seymour Centre, Reginald Theatre
Date: 1-18 Dec 2022

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