Theatre Works THE HITMEN has a Killer Opening Night

With all the family friendly shows currently running in Melbourne, we need a show that has violence, coarse language, and comedy for adults. Enter The Hitmen.

The Hitmen is a dark comedy that is currently playing for a limited season at Theatre Works, St. Kilda. Written by Mish Wittrup and Directed by Blake Barnard, The Hitmen is a funny and clever 90 minute play, that showcases great Aussie talent from the Bakers Dozen Theatre Company.

The Hitmen follows a CEO named Gwen who organises a small group for a job interview. The position they have applied for is a killer for her company of contract assassins. Sassy Gwen gives all the candidates the name John, so it’s down to their distinct personalities and success in various tests she gives to impress her, and be the last candidate standing.

The whole play takes place in the one room and in one day, and relies on the actors to move the story. Luckily the Bakers Dozen Theatre Company has cast well. The talented cast of eight each get a moment to steal the spotlight, whether in a dramatic monologue addressing why they applied for such a unique job, or in the funny dark comedic moments. Raymond Martini, in particular, is a scene stealer with his comic timing.

However, it’s Cazz Bainbridge as CEO Gwen that drives the show. Like a twisted Willy Wonka in a neon pink two-piece suit looking for the lucky winner, Bainbridge’s Gwen goes between friendly to forceful with ease, but never lets the audience, or the interviewees, forget who’s in charge.

The Hitmen is a play that keeps the audience on edge, as one moment you are laughing and the next you are watching a character violently die on stage, blood and all.

But what else would you expect from watching a group of people fight for a job to be a contract killer?

The Hitmen plays at Theatre Works, St Kilda until March 14.

For more information and tickets, visit
Theatre Works also offers 20 tickets per performance for $20

Klinton Porter

After studying theatre in Melbourne Australia, Klinton moved to the heart of theatre and art industry: New York City. Klinton has written reviews, plays and for local publications, as well as contributed for several web sites and web series. After almost a decade of performing, working and writing in the Big Apple, Klinton has come back home to be part of the ever changing Australian theatre scene. Klinton firmly believes that Broadway has nothing on Australia theatre, and cant wait to write all about it.

Klinton Porter

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