The Illusionists come to QPAC

The Illusionists. Image: supplied
The Illusionists. Image: supplied

The Illusionists; they look like characters from a Steampunk comic and they are about to land in Brisbane, bringing the age old art of magic into the twenty-first century and promising to transform outdated notions of what a magic show is about.

From 18 January, the Queensland Performing Arts Centre Concert Hall will be transformed into a magician’s playground when seven performers join forces under Grand Illusionist Brett Daniels to present a spell-binding experience.

“Audiences will witness a nail-biting Russian roulette, jaw dropping acts of levitation, mind-reading, disappearance and escapes,” Daniels says of the spectacular world tour.

The international cast includes:

The Escapologist – Italy’s Andrew Basso lauded as the natural successor to Houdini.

The Epitome of glamour and showmanship, from Las Vegas, Jeff Hobson is a show stealer as The Trickster.

The Inventor Kevin James, whose acts have been performed by the likes of Copperfield.

Recipient of magic’s highest honour, 1998 Magician of the Year, The Gentleman Mark Kalin is described as one of the most influential magicians of the past decade and performs with The Enchantress Jinger Leigh combing the art of dance with illusion.

The Marilyn Manson of Magic, The Anti-Conjurer Dan Sperry’s motto is ‘Magic no longer sucks’. Sperry made the list of top ten most googled people after his legendary America’s Got Talent appearance.

And Grand Illusionist, physics defying Brett Daniels, has beenbroadcast to well over a billion television audiences worldwide and has sold out arenas from Las Vegas to China.

For more information about the show see the QPAC website

Bookings can be made online or by phone and tickets start at $79 for adults and $49 for children.

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  • The Illusionists soundtrack is composed by Neon Phoenix @itsDustinMoore the performing Musical Director (Bass/Keys/DJ) with the Z band @iBelieveInZ

    • Is the soundtrack available on ITunes?


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