Sydney Dance Company’s ‘momenta’

A moment in time. A moment between people. A moment of transient encounters explored through the powerful physicality of contemporary dance. Sydney Dance Company presents the world-premiere of Rafael Bonachela’s momenta, a journey into the poetry and physics of human connection.

Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela on the creation of momenta:

Momenta is a testament to the ephemeral yet profound connections that weave through all of our lives. From the most tender exchanges to an intense physical storm, the dancers traverse the beauty and complexity of the human experience. It’s a deeply personal exploration, as we invite audiences to join us on a journey that speaks to the very essence of what it means to be alive, where pure movement becomes a language of connection and expression.

Through the captivating interplay of Rafael Bonachela’s signature choreographic style, rich with rhythmic patterning and inventive partnering, Nick Wales’ evocative electronic soundscapes featuring Pēteris Vasks, Elizabeth Gadsby’s immersive set design and Damien Cooper’s striking lighting, momenta captures the essence of fleeting moments suspended between past and future, where individual trajectories collide and intertwine.

Elizabeth Gadsby on the creation of the set design for momenta:

I have always been captivated by physics and space. The notion of a universal hum, that every moment holds the vibration of everything that has ever been, is a concept that has been a huge inspiration during the momenta creative process. I loved that sense of movement existing on this imperceptible yet universal scale – universal in the sense of both space and time. There is something about the human body’s place within this that I find fascinating.

For audiences and dancers alike, momenta is an invitation to rejoice in the profound beauty and fragility of our shared humanity. A moment to connect with others, as the 17 dancers of Sydney Dance Company transcend physical limitations, exploring the full range of their bodies with grace, power and vulnerability. Each moment resonates through space, drawing you into a world where raw expression meets exquisite technique.

Season Details

Venue: Roslyn Packer Theatre| Sydney
Date: 28 May – 8 June 2024

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