Success in a Flash: Sneddon Booms

Kurt Sneddon has gone from a small role in the musical Shout! to grabbing the attention of some of the world’s biggest musical theatre stars, including Bernadette Peters.

From attempting to forge a career as an actor to being one of the hottest and most talked about photographers in the business, Sneddon now dominates the photo credits of thousands of actor’s headshots, and at times can’t keep up with the work.

Sydney-based Sneddon has been a keen photographer for longer than he can remember but he never expected theatre would emerge as his core business.

“I never really thought actors and performers would make up a major part of my business, but six years down the track, I guess I’ve really found my niche,” Sneddon said, just weeks before heading to New York.

“November will be a nice break! I’m off to see Bernadette’s Broadway Barks concert in New York which my photograph is being used to advertise. To say I’m excited would be an understatement! I can’t wait! The jury’s still out as to whether they’re gunna use the shot on the cover of her international release DVD!”

Sneddon photographed Peters while she was in Australia for the Adelaide Cabaret Festival and the Broadway diva was so taken with his work, she enlisted his skills for her New York promotion.

“I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to find something I love just as much as performing, and it’s wonderful to be able to bring a few friends along for the ride,” Sneddon explained.

“I have a staff of musical theatre turn-arounds! I’ve had a few different theatre pals work with me over the last six months and when on (such as the amazing Elise McCann) goes off to do Mamma Mia, the next (aka… the adorable Marika Aubrey) steps in to take her place. Katie McKee’s also away on holidays at the moment. They’ve been such an amazing help! These days I can’t do anything without them!”

Sneddon said his theatre journey has been somewhat amazing.

“It’s been quite a journey. From working for Kookaburra and Neil Gooding’s productions last year, then David Campbell’s Good Lovin’ DVD which lead to the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, and then Bernadette and Broadway, who knows what’s next,” he said.

“David Harris’ CD Shoot was a blast and I’ll be doing a bit of work for Shaun Rennie’s Light The Night Fundraiser this year, which is always such a special night!”

So what has been the key to Sneddon’s success? Apart from his incredible talent, Facebook has emerged as a key promotional tool.

“Facebook has done amazing things for my business. Putting my images up there is like instant VISUAL word-of-mouth! Everyone in the industry sees what and who I’ve been shooting! And now that I’ve been making monthly trips to Melbourne I’ve pretty much shot half the musical theatre industry I reckon! – well, at least the ones on Facebook,” he joked.

Sneddon admits he sometimes “pinches himself” given the incredible success he is achieving.

Blueprint Studios has just re-launched its website and is taking on a new corporate image as it moves into the future.

Clue 3

Kurt once shot a brand new production of a new musical written by the composer of Secret Garden and starring Anthony Warlow.

Hint * Other stars included Lucy Maunder, Taneel Van Zyl and Martin Crewes.


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