Peter Pan – The 360 Adventure to be postponed

Craig Donnell from Impresario Productions, the producers of Peter Pan – The 360º Adventure today reluctantly announced the decision to postpone the current planned Australian tour of Peter Pan – The 360º Adventure, which was set to open in Melbourne in June.

Producer Craig Donnell:

Unfortunately, equipment essential to the production has been caught in the COVID shutdown in China. Containers that were due to freight out of Shanghai have been affected by the lockdown. Numerous solutions have been explored and up until yesterday it appeared that a solution might be found and the equipment could land just in time for the production to open. However, I am now advised that will not be possible and no date can be given as to when the equipment will be available to us.

As we have now no certainty as to when the containers might leave Shanghai so we have no option but to postpone this tour. It does however remain my stated intention to bring this production to the stage in Australia. Tickets purchased to date will be fully refunded through the show’s ticketing agency, Ticketmaster.

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