Officer and a Gentleman DORs: World Premiere musical given closing notice


Ben Mingay and Amanda Harrison in An Officer and a Gentleman. Image by Brian Geach
Ben Mingay and Amanda Harrison in An Officer and a Gentleman. Image by Brian Geach

The World Premiere musicaI An Officer and a Gentleman will be closing ahead of schedule.

Cast of the musical were informed last night (Saturday) that the production will close on Sunday 1 July, 2012 just 6 weeks after their official opening night on May 18.

Producers John Frost and Sharleen Cooper Cohen have released a statement acknowledging that the musical needs further development.

“We now know what changes we’d like to make for future productions of the show. It is only by putting a new work in front of audiences that we can test the response, and determine what changes need to be made”, they said.

While the show itself received lukewarm critical response the audience reaction has been overwhelming positive and the performances have been praised as outstanding.

This debut season has been described as an Off-Off-Off Broadway tryout but the world has not seen the last of of An Officer and a Gentleman – the Musical.

“We’ll now move An Officer and A Gentleman back into development, ahead of a possible tour of the US. We’re thrilled to have received interest to mount productions of the show internationally, so are exploring our options for the next incarnation of this exciting project.

“We would like to thank our partners on the show, and the wonderful cast and crew who have worked tirelessly to create this World Premiere production.”

An Officer and a Gentleman 

Lyric Theatre Sydney

Until 1 July 2012
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Erin James

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Erin James

15 thoughts on “Officer and a Gentleman DORs: World Premiere musical given closing notice

  • Well that’s a disappointment. Even though I can understand Mr Frost and Ms Cohen’s reasoning, there are many fans around Australia hoping to catch this show in their hometown. Hopefully it will return here as well as heading overseas once the reworking has occurred.

  • Can’t wait to read the letter Douglas Day Stewart writes about this piece of news!

  • lm a big fan of Amanda Harrison and wont get to see her in this musical
    as lm from Melb and was waiting to it comes here
    NOT HAPPY = as you dont even gave it a go
    all you do is close show that dont do ant good

    • they gave it a go for 6 weeks, and it didnt prove worthy. when i went, i think there were about 200 people in the audience. for a show that just opened…it should be full!!!

  • I have predicted a couple of months ago, that the musical AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN will NOT LAST 6 MONTHS, I hate to tell you all, that I was right, it will also happen with LEGALLY BLOND, another so called musical, exlclusive for SYDNEY, Sydney is promoted as the musical capital of Australia, DREAM ON!!!!!!!!!, And the NSW government MAJOR EVENTS put so much money into it and turned out, losing money. Look at the past musicals that Sydney had, HAIRSPRAY, DR ZHIVAGO, TITANIC etc etc.

  • unfortunately, i 100% support their decision to close it. those of you who didnt see it, cannot say a word. it most definitely needs A LOT of work done!! the cast did a great a great job, and it sucks they are out of work, but the musical was not good!!!

  • LEGALLY BLOND the musical wiil be the next SHORT RUN in Sydney.

  • The news of the closing of this musical really has gladdened my heart in cold and wet Sydney today, and I can only report how pleased I am to have learned that Sharleen Cooper Cohen and John Frost’s production of an off-off-Broadway experiment goes down in flames.
    I am saddened that some of the cast and crew may suffer financially, however Cohen and Frost got exactly what they deserved and I am over-joyed to imagine how gloomy the mood must be in the basement of their pitiful artestry.
    This should now work as a wake-up call for them and future productions, that Sydney theatre audiences aren’t the brain-dead morons they thought them to be when hatching this plan/experiment to cash in from their gullibility. You lose! Ha-ha!
    Daniel Moszkowicz

  • I was very sad when I heard this earlier tonight. I loved the show. I knew all along it was a work in progress and each time I saw the show I noticed the changes. Some I liked and one I didn’t. I have an avid imagination and the show worked for me. I also loved the music and was hoping they would release a CD but obviously “they” probably think there would not be enough money in it so that won’t happen. I therefore hope they will make available for download Sgt Foley’s show stopper to add to the other five songs released. Please.

    I will be going back to see the show again on 24 and 28 June and hope I can get tickets for the last night as well. I will look forward to its return to the theatre and hope then the critics will be satisfied.

    I think the cast and crew did an amazing job and am sad they are now going to be out of work. It is a tough industry to be part of and admire them for their strength of character and determination to pursue something that they love.

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  • If the prices reflected it being an “off off off Broadway try out” the show would still be running

  • Unfortunately I agree that this show needs more work – songs with a bit more melody; a storyline with more punch – saw it last week with a few friends and thoroughly admire all the cast; we are blessed with such stage talent here! Any chance Ben Mingay returning to Jersey Boys for the Brisbane run – that’d be great!!

  • what a pity.. i really enjoyed the show, though must admit by the brillance of Ben, Amanda and the guy playing the drill instructor. I hope all involved can move on quickly to other roles and that the show revamped can eventually come back and rock melbourne

  • Here is what went wrong… 1) Starting with Sydney, it does not open its arms to anything. Should have started somewhere else, quietly and worked to achieve enthusiasm, yes Sydney and Melbourne are as tough if not tougher than NY or London. 2) Give it time, audience reaction was good for those who saw it..problem is not many saw it. To invest right is to invest for the long haul. My recommendation has been to go see it. 6 weeks won’t get enough of the not sure public to see it. Phantom or any other big show will make it as people know about it, anything new has to grow and will take time, only word of mouth will achieve ticket sales. 3) Attention to detail and not rushing the production into the theatre…again patience. There were certain flaws in costume, (seen in the program) that I know have annoyed some into not wanting to watch the show. If this had started with more reasonable expectations and patience in a smaller place and given time to develop it could become the next Miss Saigon, however rushed into the grand spotlight in Sydney is wishful thinking. I wish the best to the cast and crew and hope the show will resurface at some time. All praise to the cast and crew for an excellent job especially Ben and Amanda


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