New cast members uncloaked as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child celebrates 1st birthday

Producers Sonia Friedman and Colin Callender are delighted to announce the new cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, as the multi-award-winning theatrical event enters its second year at Melbourne’s Princess Theatre.

A gala performance will be held on Sunday 1 March, 2020 to celebrate the first birthday. By that date, it is expected that a record-breaking 326,500 people will have passed through the doors, well surpassing any previous record set by a stage play in Australian theatre history.

Now in rehearsals, six new adult cast members have joined the production, with two current cast members stepping into new roles. They begin performances next Wednesday 26 February.

Joining the production are Michael Whalley as Ron Weasley and Nyx Calder as Scorpius Malfoy. Lucy Ansell, Hannah Fredericksen, Helen Howard and Naomi Rukavina also join the company of 42, with current cast members Gillian Cosgriff and Jessica Vickers graduating into the roles of Delphi Diggory and Moaning Myrtle respectively.

Continuing in their roles are Gareth Reeves as Harry Potter, Paula Arundell as Hermione Granger, Lucy Goleby as Ginny Potter, Tom Wren as Draco Malfoy, Sean Rees-Wemyssas Albus Potter and Manali Datar as Rose Granger-Weasley.

The cast is completed by Alexander Artemov, Iopu Auva’a, Damien Avery, Jai Bacak, Bonnie Barlow, Mike Bishop, Simon Chandler, Clare Chihambakwe, Louis Corbett, Mark Dickinson, Lyndall Grant, George Henare, Soren Jensen, Hamish Johnston, Amanda LaBonté, Debra Lawrance, Monet Lewis, Kuda Mapeza, James O’Connell, David Ross Paterson, John Shearman, David Simes, Liam Smith, Hayden Spencer, Slone Sudiro, Connor Sweeney, Archie Thomson and Mackenzie Vokes.

Photo by Tim Carrafa


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