MARY POPPINS: A last chance to see Marina Prior and one week only to see Patti Newton in Melbourne

In a spectacle nothing short of magical, the triumphant Melbourne season of Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s Tony and Olivier award-winning production, Mary Poppins, continues to cast its spell over theatre-goers at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Yet, as with all good things, we approach an end. The enchanting production will take its final bow on 18 June, offering us merely three weeks more to be captivated by the unique portrayal of Bird Woman by the renowned Marina Prior.



Marina Prior, who has been hailed as Australia’s leading lady of musical theatre, has brought the Bird Woman to life with an ethereal grace that few could match. With her powerful vocals and mesmerising stage presence, she has breathed life into a character that could easily be overlooked in the grand narrative of Mary Poppins. Yet in her skilled hands, the Bird Woman transcends the ordinary, bringing to the stage a character imbued with depth and emotion, warmth and resilience.

However, Prior’s spellbinding reign as Bird Woman will conclude on 11 June, handing over the reins of the captivating role to none other than the exceptional Patti Newton for the production’s closing week. Newton’s appearance is highly anticipated, the anticipation magnified by the exemplary performances that have gone before.



Patti Newton, a household name in the world of entertainment, is known for her versatility, charisma and a voice that can effortlessly navigate the challenging vocal nuances of any character. This final week, from 14-18 June, promises to be a spectacular close to the season as Newton graces the stage, embodying the essence of Bird Woman with her unique flair and passion.

Based on the cherished tales penned by Australian author P.L. Travers, and catapulted into the hearts of millions through the original Disney film, Mary Poppins is an unforgettable theatrical marvel. This extraordinary production has been seen and adored by tens of millions globally, charming audiences with its perfect blend of nostalgia, whimsy and grandeur.

From the moment the house lights dim and the overture fills the grand auditorium, Mary Poppins offers an enchanting retreat from reality, transporting audiences to a world where chimney sweeps dance and nannies fly. Whether it’s your first visit to Cherry Tree Lane or your hundredth, the magic never fades.

The Melbourne season of Mary Poppins is an unforgettable production, elevated by its stars, Marina Prior and Patti Newton. But remember, the magic cannot last forever. As we approach the end of this enchanting run, don’t miss your chance to experience the theatrical wonder that has captivated Melbourne and the world.

Photo Credit: Daniel Boud

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