Lucy Durack’s podcast I LOVE WITH LUCY is back

There’s a lot to get us down in life but there is also a lot to love, so turn your day around with this “hug” of a show. Lucy Durack is back with the second series of her popular podcast, I Love With Lucy, from 7 March 2024.

Each fortnight a new episode will be uploaded to your favourite podcast source, for your enjoyment. Be reminded of the funny, surprising and random good things that exist in life as Lucy Durack chats to TV host David Campbell; comedians Geraldine Hickey and Rhys Nicholson; musical director John Foreman; Wicked mate Rob Mills, and new Wicked stars Courtney Monsma and Sheridan Adams; TV producers Michael Lucas and Robyn Butler & Wayne Hope; casting director Lisa Campbell; and SBS Head of Scripted, Julie Eckersley.

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