Love Never Dies: Aussie talents cast in international production

In a spellbinding partnership, Crossroads Live and Poly Productions proudly reveal the forthcoming premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s majestic musical, Love Never Dies in the heart of China. After basking in ovations across North America, Japan, and Finland, this theatrical gem is now set to dazzle Shanghai.

📣 Casting Announcement! 📣

Amid the allure of Love Never Dies lies another captivating facet: the international production proudly showcases a wealth of talent from Down Under. Australian musical theatre performers, acclaimed for their prowess and artistry, grace the stage, adding a unique flair to the performance. Their inclusion not only highlights the global appeal and diversity of the cast but also underlines Australia’s significant contribution to the world of musical theatre.

A standout among this stellar cast is John Ellis. With both British and Australian heritage, Ellis has graced stages globally, with vast experiences in musical theatre and opera concerts. In this production, he takes on the pivotal role of the alternate Phantom while also lending his prowess to the ensemble. Adding another layer of charm to the cast is the multi-talented Embla Bishop. An English-born, Swedish-Australian actor, singer, and dancer, Embla boasts an impressive pedigree as a graduate from WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts). Jess Bock, hailing from the sun-kissed landscapes of Rockhampton, Queensland. After relocating to Sydney, she immersed herself in the city’s vibrant arts scene, channelling her unyielding passion for musical theatre. Jessica Rose Bock, a proud 2021 graduate with a Diploma in Musical Theatre from Village Nation. Her dedication and talent haven’t gone unnoticed; she recently celebrated her musical theatre debut with Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour, performing in the recent Australian production of The Phantom Of the Opera.


Love Never Dies: The Enchanting Sequel to a Theatrical Masterpiece

When the curtain fell on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s iconic The Phantom of the Opera, audiences across the globe were spellbound by the tragic tale of the masked Phantom and the mesmerising Christine Daaé. Yet, what if their story had another act waiting in the wings?

Introducing Love Never Dies, Webber’s bold continuation that offers a captivating encore to this riveting tale of passion, fixation, and melody.

A Fresh Stage, An Age-Old Affection

The year is 1907. We’ve transitioned from the majesty of Parisian opera to the vibrant buzz of Coney Island in New York. No longer a shadowy figure beneath the opera, the Phantom now presides over the thrill and spectacle of this amusement wonderland. Yet beneath the glitz, an age-old yearning persists – his undiminished love for Christine Daaé.

Meanwhile, Christine’s voice, once echoing through Paris, is now a worldwide sensation. Her star might have risen, but her personal life tells a different story. Entangled in a tense marriage to Raoul and mother to the curious Gustave, she’s drawn to the shimmering American shores. Yet this is not just any performance—it’s a tryst masterminded by the Phantom.

Familiar Faces, Unexpected Turns

Lurking are known characters. Meg Giry and her mother, Madame Giry, allies of the Phantom from days past, now find their fates intricately tied to this unfolding saga. Their roles in this American chapter add layers of complexity to the plot.

A Mosaic of Passion

Central to Love Never Dies is its intricate portrayal of emotions. Delving deep into the realms of relentless love, repercussions of past choices, and the salvation offered by art, this sequel poses a question: Can love truly outlive time and errors? Or are there wounds too profound to mend?

Webber’s sequel, graced by Glenn Slater’s evocative lyrics, has ignited passionate debates. Some herald it as a commendable follow-up, while others compare it to the illustrious shadow of the original. Yet, one truth remains: Love Never Dies ensures the narrative of the Phantom and Christine lingers, a testament that certain tales, much like true love, stand the test of time.

Shanghai, are you ready?

Witness the passion, the drama, and the mesmerizing world of the Phantom and Christine. Will the city of lights be the backdrop for a rekindled romance or the setting for new heartbreaks?

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