Katie Pollocks hilariously heartfelt play inspired by the real-life Facebook group

Theatre Works and Rogue Projects present the latest work from award-winning playwright Katie Pollock
at Explosives Factory from July 19 to 29. Part takedown of capitalism, part wannabe dancing dildo musical, this one-woman play is a celebration of resilience, humour  and sex toys!

Through an intricate web of objects and a drive for community and connection, the members of Facebook group Rough Trade are giving the giant middle finger to capitalism, with trades that are funny, sexy, strange and touching.

Inspired by these true stories, playwright Katie Pollock (Normal, The Hansard Monologues) peels back
the layers to reveal a character for whom life has taken a series of wrong turns, leaving her in a place
where she is dependent on this internet community for her very survival. With women over 55 the fastest
growing group experiencing homelessness in Australia, Rough Trade shines a light on the systemic and
compounding factors placing women in this precarious position.


I’m thrilled to be having my Victorian debut with this play that is so close to my heart. It’s terrifying being up on stage instead of safely behind the desk but the chance to intimately share this story is very special.

The play premiered as part of the Made in Sydney program at the 2022 Sydney Fringe Festival, where it
garnered critical acclaim and three award nominations including Best in Theatre and Best in Spoken

Directed by Anthony Skuse and performed by the playwright herself, Rough Trade is a thrilling (and sometimes terrifying) examination of the ways capitalism and the patriarchy fail us, and the precarious
position all women risk finding themselves in. Diving into the randomness and commonality of human nature, Rough Trade is ultimately a story of hope in challenging times.

At times absurd and hilarious, at other times infuriating and then heart-rending, Pollockʼs monologue frequently catches you off-guard” – City Hub

Season Details

Venue: Theatre Works
Date: 19 – 29 July 2023

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