Introducing CLAIRA J and her debut single “Letting Go”

Singer/songwriter Claira J is set to become the darling of Melbourne’s indie music scene with her debut single ‘Letting Go’ dropping on Friday 20 August.

No stranger to the entertainment industry, with over 15 years experience on the stage and screen(Bogan Pride / Wentworth / Super Wog), the independent release of ‘Letting Go’ marks actor Janine Atwill’s launch into the music industry under a new artist name: Claira J.

Her deeply heartfelt track takes you on a personal journey from beginning to end with simple, yet poignant lyrics and angelic vocals that soar.

I spent a lot of my career doing what I thought I should be doing, Said the accomplished actor and stage performer. “I let my music, my stories, go by the way side.

After going through a mental and physical breakdown that left CJ hitting rock bottom back in 2019, she wrote ‘Letting Go’ as a shout out to the universe

The song just fell out. I didn’t think twice. My mind switched gears and with persistence and a lot of deep inner work I was able to change the dialogue in my head. ‘Letting Go’ is my Fight Song; an anthem to the phoenix. Letting go of the old you the old life, the old relationships, the old beliefs, to shine again. To rise.

Using art to process a traumatic event and rising again with a different mindset, Claira J’s track will inspire, uplift and challenge listeners to let go of whatever is holding them back from their full potential.

Produced by Robert Upward at Upward Studios with Ben Edgar on guitar (Gotye /Missy Higgins / Angus and Julia Stone) and Xani Kolac / Anita Quayle on strings, CJ has created a sophisticated, ambient and cinematic track that compels you to lean into its sparse verses and then hits you head on with it’s powerful chorus, demonstrating CJ’s vocal vulnerability, range and control.

Her accompanying music video – which will drop on August 27 – showcases CJ’s deep artistic side with conceptual visuals that truly encapsulate what she went through in her breakdown to then rise again like a phoenix from the ashes. Directed by award winning Nick Kozakis & Liam Kelly from Visible Studios (Tones & I / Masked Wolf / Bliss n Eso) and to be premiered on YouTube following her release.

You definitely don’t want to miss this epic visual and accompanying track, as both are sure to leave a lasting impression. You will be craving more from this uniquely talented artist.

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  • Awesome song Janine. Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to fly like the firey Pheonix.


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