We believe every part of your life is impacted by distance. Your aspirations, words, interactions, and body. Everything. Therefore, we believe distance must be explored. Keir Aitken, a Scottish, neurodiverse theatre director has gathered a collective of international and queer artists to do just that.

Through interacting with our audience, sharing our stories, and pushing theatrical boundaries, this devised, string-filled theatre piece reflects upon which distances ought to be made shorter, and which we should have left alone.

By unraveling, cutting, and spider-webbing, you become the pins in our map as we traverse time and space, self and country, silence, and movement. We blur the lines between autobiographical and imaginary by traveling through a political world where movement is ever more restricted, where truth and reality continue to deviate, and the distance between the event and its backlash is ever shrinking.

The performances’ experimental, fiery, and stripped back aesthetic leaves nothing to hide behind as we
tightrope across genre and medium, tying ourselves in knots, stringing together meaning wherever we can find it. When it comes to distance, the warping of spacetime is the least of our issues.

Glasgow Guardian:

By playing with dozens of forms and tones, satirising them and twisting them, the play becomes wonderfully irreverent of both traditional scripting and audience expectation

The Scotsman:

The theatricality, gentle philosophical discussion and moments of crisis are undeniably successful

Season Details

Venue: Theatre Works
Date: 18-22 Oct 202

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