Hot cast lined up for new Aussie work

In the year 2032, petrol is the currency of the world. The government has crumbled and a petrol corporation runs a post apocalyptic Australia. In a rural town in NSW a group of rebels are fighting a bitter battle with the local militia. But when resistance member Skylar meets soldier Tanner, both begin to question their respective roles in the battle.

That is the premise of Petroleum, the new play by Australian playwright Wayne Tunks that tells the story of the little guy fighting back the only way he knows how.

The play opens at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville next month.

Written by Tunks, directed by Alexandra Byron and featuring one of the hottest and most talented casts of the year, Petroleum is a world premiere ready to explode on the stage. Part drama, part actionPetroleum is set in a Mad Max style world of violence, sex and political unrest.

Even though the play is set 13 years in the future, the themes of Petroleum are very current to the news headlines of today.

“This is something completely different for me but I felt the need to write a story about an issue that is so important in today’s climate,” Tunks said.

“And plus I’ve always wanted to bring an explosive action drama to the stage, and this was a great chance to combine the two.”

Tunks is one of the leading lights in the independent theatre world and an award winning playwright. He has written and produced many successful shows including The Subtle Art of FlirtingWe’ll Always Have WaggaThe Bridesmaid Must Die!, Go West, Birthdays, Christmas & Other Family DisastersBeyond The DoorHell Hath No FuryUnrequitedSilvertop AshThe Girl From The West Of The CityThe Rules of April and Someday Suddenly.

In 2009 Wayne’s work will be performed in Sydney, Melbourne, Wagga Wagga and San Francisco. Wayne is also the weekday morning announcer on Vintage FM in Penrith.

The show stars Tunks himself alongside Kellie Clarke, Andrew Cutcliffe, Michael Elbridge, Scott Grimley, Emma Harris, Melissa Kleores and Nathaniel Scotcher.

Petroleum opens at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville on Friday, September 18 with previews from Wednesday, September 16 2009.

Bookings: (02) 9550 3666.

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