Failed Filmmaker and Ego Trip premieres at Sydney Fringe Festival

US-based storytellers Christina Jobe and Cheyenne Ehrlich will make their Australian debut with their solo stand up experiences Failed Filmmaker and Ego Trip for Sydney Fringe Festival.

Failed Filmmaker is an intimate evening of stand-up comedy from Christina Jobe. Describing her life-long efforts to make it in Hollywood, Christina (a recent 5 time winner at Cannes Lion) takes audiences on a rollercoaster ride through the backlots of her life. From ending up on a pornographic film set to shooting a prescription opioid documentary, Christina consistently misunderstands the world around her in ways that are funny, surprising, and (accidentally) insightful. Come for the porn, stay for the pills.

Award Winning Film Producer Christina Jobe:

Failed Filmmaker is my way of double checking I’m not crazy, Hollywood is crazy, right??

I’m excited to share the project with the audiences in Sydney who have so far been extraordinary. I’m even more excited to get out of Los Angeles! That place is insane!

From tech entrepreneur-turned-comedian Cheyenne Ehrlich comes Ego Trip – a new one-man show about being born to parents in a buddhist cult. Once lauded as a potential new spiritual leader for the ages, reality dawned for Cheyenee when his parents lost first their fortune, and then their marriage.

Ego Trip charts Cheyenne’s often funny and somewhat profound journey back to the ‘cult’ through the world of tech startups and intensive therapy – all to try to figure out what life is really about.

Tech Entrepreneur Turned Comedian Cheyenne Ehrlich:

Ego Trip is a one man show of my journey through a buddhist cult, therapy and startups to try to figure out the meaning of life . Sydney Fringe Festival was my first choice for where to debut it, as soon as I learned I’d missed the registration deadline for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by just two weeks.

Hosted by Seizure Kaiser in the latest comedy hub to join the Sydney Fringe, each show unpacks the realities of making your own way through sometimes extreme circumstances. Exploring their strange, and often hilarious journeys into, out of, and back into Hollywood, Cheyenne and Christina take us on two wild adventures to discover how they ended up in very weird places.

Season Details

Venue: Newtown Hotel-The Caravan Room
Date: 14-24 Sept 2022

For more information click HERE

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