Ensemble Theatre conversations with Sam O’Sullivan and Brittanie Shipway

Ensemble Theatre has resumed its popular ‘in conversation’ series again. During Covid last year more than 215,000 tuned in to 32 episodes with some of Australia’s most well known actors, writers and directors. This week Ensemble Theatre’s Artistic Director, Mark Kilmurry speaks with Sam O’Sullivan and Brittanie Shipway.

From words on their page to the theatre stage,

we’ve got a special playwrights episode coming up on Ensemble Conversations with Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry.

Emerging writers Sam O’Sullivan and Brittanie Shipway join Mark, and with experience on stage and off, we can’t wait to hear how this has enhanced their craft and inspiration.

Mark Kilmurry Said:

The conversation series is a way for people to stay connected to the theatre

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